Occupy Penn State

Updated: November 14, 2011
CONNECTICUT, (BASN) —Death penalty? Yes. That should be the penalty for Penn State.
Remember when the NCAA gave SMU the death penalty?

Well it was about a lack of institutional control.

Same as at Penn State, but the scandal goes even wider at Penn State, from the University police to Joe Paterno to the University President to assistant coaches to even a University janitor.
What happened at Penn State is the worst story in all of my years of sports journalism. Makes Tiger Woods look like a choir boy.
The NCAA needs to step up to the plate for once and make an example out of one of the most storied Programs in the country and the most storied coach.
Has Paterno been good for the University and for college football over the years? Sure. But in a moment of crisis he dropped the ball and that is how men are judged. In moments of crisis.
If the NCAA does not take action then there is another body who might. The State of Pennsylvania. Penn State is a state university and Pennsylvania has jurisdiction over them on all levels. Afterall, it funds them.
How about how the victims should be compensated. We let’s consider the profits which Penn State has made from football during the years of abuse of children. That would be a good fund to start with.
It is time for all of us to recognize that higher education is about education first. sure sports play a huge role, but men like Joe Paterno should not run universities and they do far too often.
The Board of Trustees at Penn State got it right when they fired Paterno. It is now time for the NCAA to step up to the plate.