By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: November 11, 2011

OAKLAND, CA. (BASN)–Saturday morning. The week started off with rumbling of improprieties on the campus of Penn State, Happy Valley, it would only gets worse.

The Pittsburgh Panthers lost to the Cincinnati Bearcats 23-20

Pittsburgh led by a touchdown late in the third quarter when quarterback Sunseri appeared to scramble for a first down. The ball popped out, however, and the Bearcats recovered at the Pitt 27. Cincinnati needed just three plays to tie it at 23, with fullback Collaros plunging over from 3 yards out for his second touchdown of the game.

It took the Bearcats all of three plays to get it back. Sunseri tried to throw the ball in double coverage but it wound up deflecting into the hands of safety Cheatham, who returned it to the Pitt 26.

The Panthers (4-5, 2-2) had a pair of opportunities to tie it in the final minutes. But the Panthers opted to go for it on fourth-and-6 at the Cincinnati 36 rather than have field goal kicker Harper attempt a 53-yard field goal. Sunseri threw incomplete to Devin Street and the Bearcats took over to win the game.

Sunday night the Pittsburgh Steelers took on the Baltimore Ravens to even this year’s series at one. It did not happen, the defensive battle between these two teams lived up to the hype. Both quarterbacks threw for over three hundred yards, both quarterbacks threw interceptions. In the end The Baltimore Ravens drove down the field with time running out. Raven quarterback Joe Flacco threw the winning touchdown to upstart wide receiver Torrey Smith for the 23-20 victory.

Things were not going well for the state of Pennsylvania and the rumblings at Happy Valley were getting louder with each passing hour. There was also a report that heavyweight champion, Joe Frazier, was gravely ill, one of Philadelphia‘s hero’s.

Monday The roof caved in on the state of Pennsylvania sports teams

1.) The great Boxer and heavy weight champion of the world “Smokin” Joe Frazier passed away at 67 years old from liver cancer after a three month battle. “Smokin” Joe was one of the hardest hitting boxers ever known. His three fight battles with Ali became instant classics.

The City of Philadelphia has a statue of Rocky Balboa on the steps of city hall. Rocky is not a living legend, Rocky is not real he is a movie character. “Smokin” Joe Frazier should be at the top of those Philadelphia steps for all he did for the city.

The Madison Square Garden Fight between Ali and Frazier in 1971 was one of the greatest fights ever. This fight also added to the division of Black America. Many younger African Americans saw Ali as their hero. They invision Ali fighting for the civil rights of Black people all over the world. Frazier was from the old school and older African Americans loved Joe.

The 3rd fight, The Thriller in Manila 1973, was the most savage fight in boxing history. Both fighters ended with very serious injuries after this battle.

Late in Frazier’s career the George Forman fight put “Smokin” Joe on the canvas six times; a sight unheard of.

It was a thrill meeting Smokin Joe the man with a big heart and kind soul in 1969 a thrill of a lifetime at the steps of the old CP Center in Mount Holly, New Jersey. Getting to have a photograph in Ring Magazine. Frazier helped UCP many times for those who don’t know that’s United Cerebral Palsy.

2.) The Philadelphia Eagle collapsed in the 4th qtr. this is the 4th time it has happened to the Green Birds and they are minus 37 in the fourth quarter. The Eagle defense disappeared in all of those games; they have been absent all year long. Now it will be tough for the Eagles to get into the playoffs. The Chicago Bears won 34-21. It was strange because the news of Joe Frazier’s death strolled across the screen right when the Chicago Bears scored their go ahead touchdown. A very bad omen.

3.) The Penn State Football program found itself in serious trouble hiding an alleged sex offender Jerry Sandusky for over 30 years. Two assist coaches had already resigned with Joe Paterno on the hot set. This could be the end of Jo Pa at Happy Valley. There are many legal questions that needed to be answered. The moral questions are how much did Penn State, Coach Joe Paterno, and last the NCAA know and when did they know it?

This is a mess and the question remains how far does this go and are there others at other universities doing the same thing. This is criminal activity that has been occurring for thirty years, and should be addressed promptly.

Tuesday- News leaked that The Penn. State University president Graham Spanier also had to resign. This movement gained legs and more PSU officials could be losing their jobs. This on going investigation could go as high as NCAA officials and officers.

That morning the grand jury report was given to the American public and the media. The heat was on. Statements in that report did not look favorable for Joe Paterno and the football staff.

To add insult to injury Pittsburgh Steelers Safety Ryan Clark received a fine of forty thousand dollars for the alleged illegal hit in the Baltimore Raven game Sunday night. As they say when it rains it pours and the State of Pennsylvania was drowning.

Wednesday night the Penn. State University board of trustees dismissed Joe Paterno with a phone call from any further coaching duties along with the school’s president.

Penn State students started a riot at State College soon after, overturning TV vans, breaking windows, and throwing rocks. Students were venting their anger without really understanding the charges and the responsibility the school’s President and Coach Paterno had.

The Board of Trustees thought their actions would quell the political and social issues surrounding the alleged allegations. It just fanned the flames at State College as individuals destroyed property in the downtown area.

Even the orange and black clad Flyers could not make the Philadelphia crowd happy as they traveled to Florida. The Tampa Bay Lightning employed the 1-3-1 defense to slow down the high flying, high scoring Philadelphia Flyers 2-1 in overtime with a goal from Connolly. This just added to the glum mental state in the tri state Area.

Many pure hockey fans thought it was a boring playing tactic. The NHL offices are going to have to look at this defensive tactic that slows down the game. It might work but it does not look pretty. Years ago the league eliminated the New Jersey Devils famous Left Wing Lock defense system and the gulch and grab defenses of the 1980-90’s. These new rules to open up the game. To let stars like Washington‘s Alex Ovchkin, Pittsburgh‘s Sid Crosby, Calgary‘s Jarome Inglia and Philadelphia‘s Wayne Simmonds free reign on the ice to score.

Tampa Bay came up with this new idea and it’s a new challenge for teams that have speed and scoring power.

The only ray of sunshine all week long was The Temple Owls football program. They brought some light in the Pennsylvania sports world. The Owls eeked out a victory over Miami ( Ohio) 24-21. The Owl quarterback Coyer made his first start and was 10 for 19 in beating the Red Hawks.

Thursday- The eye of the storm had passed Penn State University campus as PSU officials appointed coach Tom Bradley as interim head coach. Now everybody will wait for the results of the back side of this storm.

The Lions started immediately preparing for Saturday afternoon game with conference foe Nebraska. This could be for the Big 10 conference title, the Nittney Lions will have to do it without the legend Joe Paterno.

There is another week of sports ahead and many Pennsylvanians do not want to see a repeat performance by any of their beloved sports teams.

HMMMMMM wonder what the Philadelphia Seventy -Sixers would have done this week?

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