By Eric D.Graham BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: October 13, 2011

Time for Tim??

Time for Tim??

NORTH CAROLINA, (BASN)—After a disappointing (1-4) start, Broncos’ head coach Jeff Fox has finally given the Bronco fans what they wanted by naming Tim Tebow the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos.

Last Sunday against the San Diego Chargers, his cult-like fans chanted his name “Te-Bow, Te-Bow, Te-Bow” as he ran onto the field.

With Tebow under center, a spark was lit under a seemingly unenthusiastic Bronco team, who were trailing the Chargers 23-10 in the third quarter with Kyle Orton as their quarterback.

But despite a twirling Tebow scrambling in the pocket, his last second heroics fell a little short when a Hail Mary pass flung in the air landed on the ground in the end zone with the Broncos losing 29-to-26.

Tebow’s (4 for 10) 75 yard passing performance with one rushing touchdown, however, was enough for his loyal followers to believe he is the answer to the Broncos’ winless woes.

As a result, the dead debate has been resurrected again.

Is Tim Tebow good enough to play quarterback in the NFL?

The topic of Tebow being a starting quarterback left sports reporter Stephen A. Smith screaming in disbelief and sounding like a doubting Thomas.

“It is a flaming disgrace that this man is a starting quarterback” Smith yelled.

“He did not earn it. And to give this dude, this starting position because of some love affair is completely unjustified!!!”

Whether Smith was correct or not, time will tell, because the Tim Tebow era has officially begun.

And the whole world will be watching.

Hell, the Christian Broadcast Network may even broadcast Tebow’s next game.

If Tebow plays well, they will say “to God be the glory.”

But if he plays bad, they will say “the devil is in the details.”

Spiritually, Tebow is loved for his faith.

But professionally, his throwing mechanics and accuracy is still questionable.

One of Tebow biggest critics ESPN football analyst Merril Hoge tweeted that “Rah-Rah speeches don’t work!!”You must possess a skill set to play!”

After a bye week, two weeks of practice and lots of film study, Tebow has a chance to silent his critics when he goes back home to Florida to face the winless Miami Dolphins, where they are planning to honor him and the rest of the Florida Gators’ 2008 national championship team.

Some dare call it a conspiracy.

But, it could be the perfect story with a perfect ending.

“HOME TOWN HERO COMES HOME AND WINS BIG” could be the headline?

Hopefully, the former Miami Hurricane players won’t show up in army fatigues and spoil the Tea Party.

Unfortunately, for Tebow, it’s sink or swim now.

Foolishly, many devoted Denver fans still believe he can walk on water.

I am just praying he doesn’t drown trying to do it and get swallowed by a whale.

Sorry, I mean a Dolphin.

I forgot we are talking about Tebow and not Jonah.