The Identity of A Black QB: Michael Vick

By By Travis H. Singleton, BASN sports writer
Updated: October 5, 2011

Mike Vick

Mike Vick

BOSTON, MA—Michael Vick before and after his jail sentence for dog fighting was and still is one of the most electrifying people we have ever seen at the quarterback position and even in the game of football today.

The catch is that he is a black quarterback in the NFL which means that all he does is run right because, that’s what black quarterbacks are labeled as now a days is just a scrambler. Well he scrambled into Philadelphia one of the biggest sports cities in America where they already ran another black quarterback in Donavan McNabb out of the city even when he brought them to the Superbowl. So Vick has a lot of shoes to fill and this season being labeled as the “Dream Team” it hasn’t been too dreamy for the (1-3) Eagles. Vick has been getting beat up in every game that they have played in this year with the O-Line not as strong as they had hoped they would be.

Michael Vick has been the type of player that if he has to save his team he will use his legs to run for a first in the previous years but, Andy Reid and the Eagles are trying to turn this scrambling Vick into a pocket passer like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. So which leads me to think that maybe this system will work right! Well wrong because, Vick has been getting hurt doing what the Eagles system has wanted him to do which is throwing in the pocket. I think it is time to go back to the old Vick who would take over a whole game with his legs and I say this only because, the NFL is cracking down on defenseless receivers and runners. If Vick gets into that open space in the secondary and gets hit it won’t be as bad as it would of been a couple years like when Ray Lewis demolished Ahmard Hall. Vick has proven that he can win a game on his legs, but he has to prove to the world that he can win with his arm too.

The reason for a black quarterback’s struggles is simply pressure; every week Vick goes out there and plays his heart out for those Eagle fans and if he wins he’s the hero and if he loses then he’s the zero. You may be thinking that happens all around the league that is true but, Vick is the highest paid black quarterback and also has to deal with a whole lot of maybe the team would be better if we still had Kolb as quarterback. That isn’t fair to Vick but he has to live with it because, every game he plays in from here on out is a blessing after his jail time.

A lot of teams passed up on Vick because, of his view in the public eye after the incident but they also didn’t try to get him because of his playing style and him being a scrambler.

It’s a good thing and a bad thing that they label blacks as great runners but most of these black quarterbacks that are playing in the NFL now had actually played a different position making them more athletic then the average non-black quarterback.

Vick being a scrambling quarterback has to realize that you are going to get treated different not because, of the color of his skin but because of the level of athleticism that he brings to the table every game. It’s a pros and cons type of league at Vicks position which I believe he should know about. The players hit black quarterbacks more harder to me it seems because their more of a threat to run past the defense and the league will flag the defense when they hit a quarterback like Tom Brady or should I say if you graze his knee like what happened in that Ravens game these are just facts that I’m relaying.

Vick lives the tale of the struggling black quarterback to me because, when your hot everyone loves you and embracing you after good games but, as soon as those wins turn to loses then that black curtain starts to close up when Vick threw too many interceptions or he ran more then he threw the ball. His team is struggling now while he has been playing in the pocket I believe they should get him some extra pads and tell him to be Vick from last year that got them in the playoffs because, this year he is throwing the ball a lot better and more wiser then he did last year so use a little of both.

Vick and his Eagles are facing a mad Bears team this Monday night I look for Vick to have a very good passing game this time instead of the running game If he lets the game and the media come to him he will be known as a great player and also a great person. All it takes is one mess up and he will be the villain people just need to let Vick be him and let him play his game instead of trying to mold him into a player he is not since its not working.