Rodriguez stays unbeaten

Updated: October 22, 2011

Edwin Rodriguez

Edwin Rodriguez

IOWA CITY, IOWA, (BASN)—In the Shobox feature, Edwin Rodriguez put his undefeated record against Will Rosinsky but first Gabriel Bracero faced Daniel Sostre. Bracero went on the attack immediately and pursued Sostre as he was hoping to score his third straight knock out. Bracero nailed Sostre with a solid left hook in the middle of the second round that shook Sostre and forced him to retreat.

Bracero pushed Sostre to the rope with constant pressure and combinations as Sostre seemed to have no answer. Bracero stayed within Sostre pocket and beginning of the fourth round, Bracero nailed Sostre with solid body shots. Bracero never seemed to give Sostre any rest as he consistently threw punches after punches. Sostre simply could not counter Bracero and he seemed unable to pull the trigger.

The fifth and sixth round followed the pattern of the previous rounds as Bracero attacked and Sostre retreated, except in the last seconds of the sixth as Sostre got into a toe to toe exchange off the ropes with Bracero over the last thirty seconds of the round.

Throughout the eighth round, Bracero continued to be in charge as he merely continued to nail Sostre with shots after shots as Sostre spent most of the round retreating and occasionally countering. Going into the last round, Bracero looked comfortably ahead but he wanted to win by knock out as he attacked with renewed ferocity whereas Sostre tried to counter in the first thirty seconds before he played defense.

With minute left, Bracero put the gas on for one last attempt to end the fight as Sostre kept his hands up as he was hoping to last the round and ending the fight on his feet. Bracero put together some sharp combinations as Bracero fought as if shutout and another judge gave Sostre a round because he felt charitable.

In the main event, two undefeated fighters faced each in a light heavyweight bout and as announcer noted, one fighter’s zero will have to go! Rosinsky came out aggressive as he nailed the favored Rodriguez with two solid rights in the opening minutes. While Rodriguez managed to counter over the second half of the round, this was Rosinsky round as he set the pace. This continued in the second round as Rosinsky continued to apply pressure, forcing the fight on the inside.

Rosinsky jabbed his way inside in the open minutes of the third round but Rosinksy started to move and box occasionally and this gave Rodriguez opportunities. Rodriguez had his moment as he nailed Roskinsky with some sold rights in a close round

Both fighters score with some solid shots in another close rounds in the fourth round, but Rodriguez ended the round with two solid rounds, maybe enough to take the round. Rosinsky started the fifth round fast as he got inside and nailed Rodriguez with many shots and he continued his aggressive style for the rest of the round and the sixth round repeated the fifth round, With four rounds left, Rosinsky aggressive stance evened the fight and despite being the underdog, he took the fight to Rodriguez, who looked bewildered. In the middle of the seventh round, both fighters nailed each other with body shots and occasional right hands over the top. Rosinsky pressure tactic clearly bothered Rodriguez but at the end of the seventh, Rodriguez nailed Rosinsky with two left hooks as Rosinsky moved forward.

At the end of the eighth round, Rodriguez scored the biggest punch of the round as he connected with solid hooks and fought off the rope by landing two big right hands. Both fighters went toe to toe as and with a minute and half left, and Rodriguez let loose a right hand combinations but Rosinsky concluded the round with a blistering combinations that forced Rodriguez. The tenth round saw two fighters in a battle of desperations as it was anybody’s fight. Both fighters realized that winner of the round could end up still undefeated and while the first minute was close, Rodriguez started to use mobility to allow him to use his long arms to better connect on his power punch.

The scorecard did not reflect the fight as the judges gave all rounds to Rodriguez and while many rounds were close but Rosinsky did win some rounds and much of the fight was fought on his pace. Rodriguez won the fight but he was not that much better than Rosinsky. As for Rosinsky, he may be a the full time fire fighter and part time boxer but he showed that he had talent and the ability to move up the fighting ladder. Rodriguez did not impress despite an overwhelming scorecard.