By Eric D.Graham
Updated: October 26, 2011

NORTH CAROLINA, (BASN)—1. When was the last time you saw Chad OchoCinco catch a pass?

The last time I saw Chad OchoCinco catch a pass was in a Reebok shoe commercial.

2. Who is your favorite player on the New York Jets?

Muhammad Wilkerson is my favorite New York Jet because there is no pork in his sport.

3. Are the Houston Texans the new Dallas Cowboys?

No, the Dallas Cowboys are the new Houston Texans.

4. Do you watch The Judge Mathis Show?

Yes, I watch The Judge Mathis Show sometimes. But I stop watching it, because every court case he ends up calling somebody a “crackhead.”

5. Do you think coaches should stop shaking hands at the 50 yard line after games?

Yes, I think coaches should stop shaking hands at the 50 yard line and simply call each other on the cell phone from the locker room after the game. Or if they are too busy just tweet each other. They would be nice.

6. Who has the best beard in the history of the NFL?

Franco Harris….without a doubt

7. Did you watch the Norte Dame versus USC game?

Nope, I was in my bathroom, sitting on the toilet, reading some of my uncle’s old jet magazine.

8. After seeing Mayweather versus Ortiz, who do you want to see fight next?

Skip Bayless versus Shaquille O’Neal.

9. What team would be perfect place for Terrell Owens?

T.O. could go to Washington and make the Redskins’ games worth watching again.

10. Who is your favorite sports writer?

Eric D.Graham is my favorite sports writer.

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