By Eric D.Graham
Updated: October 18, 2011

1. With Jason Campbell as your starting quarterback, what’s bound to happen?

With Jason Campbell as your starting quarterback, somebody is bound to get fired. I guarantee it.

2. Did you see the season premiere of Terrell Owens’ reality show on VH-1?

Yes, I saw the show and T.O. sure like to cry on camera.

3. Which quarterback is worst Tony Romo or Mark Sanchez?

Rex Grossman….

4. Why did you get suspended from school?

I blew a vuvuzela in the library. Big deal, right?

5. Who is the best back-up quarterback in the NFL?

The Pittsburgh Steelers (QB) Charlie Batch is the best backup quarterback in the NFL. He truly is a professional back-up quarterback. Matter of fact, the Steelers should hire him as their back-up quarterback coach.

6. What was the best advice your Grandmother ever gave you?

She told me you can waste a lot time hating people. Therefore, do something you love.

7. Who is Russell Wilson?

He is the greatest free agent in the history of college football.

8. Do you know that LSU’s head football coach Les Miles eats a little bit of grass before every game?

Yes, Les Miles eats grass and Snoop Dogg smokes the rest of it.

9. What should Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick do to improve his game?

Vick should stop wearing the conservative Bill Cosby sweaters in the post-game press conference and start wearing old school Fila suits, a big “Cookie” rope and a do-rag.

10. Why is the current school system failing?

The school system is failing because the teachers are under-paid and not appreciated.