By Eric D.Graham
Updated: October 18, 2011

1. How did the Dallas Cowboys’ wide receiver Dez Bryant twist his ankle?

His pants were sagging so low in the mall that he tripped over his own feet.

2. Is it true that you applied for a job at Home Depot?

Yes, I applied for a job at Home Depot but Boston Celtics’ guard Deonte West got the job. Ain’t that something?

3. How did your pet parrot learn how to curse?

I left him in front of the television during the 24 hour Hard Knocks Marathon featuring the New York Jets

4. Do you want Tony Romo playing to win; or playing not to lose?

I want Tony Romo to lose. In my fantasy football league, the more interceptions he throws the more points I receive.

5. Who is the new Mr. Baseball?

T-Plush, who else?

6. What is the ugliest number worn by a wide receiver in college?

The ugliest number worn by a wide receiver was the No. 47 by wide receiver Michael Irvin at the University of Miami.

7. Do you think Mayweather should have sucker punched Victor Ortiz?

Yes, I would have sucker punched a man to if he head butted me and then tried to kiss afterwards. This is a no brainer.

8. Do you like Jamie Dukes of the NFL Network?

I love him. He is intelligent. And he ain’t afraid to tell the truth.

9. Is Eli Manning an elite NFL Quarterback?

I think you need to ask ex-Giant Tiki Barber that question.

10. Did you see the Green Bay Packers throw-back jerseys?

Yes, I saw the Packers’ throwback jerseys and I almost threw-up a little bit in my mouth.