By Eric D.Graham
Updated: October 4, 2011

NORTH CAROLINA,(BASN)—1. How do you know ESPN’s sports commentator Hugh Douglas played football in the NFL?

I know Hugh Douglas played football because he has a head shaped like a football helmet.

2. Why don’t you like Minnesota Vikings RB Toby Gerhart?

I don’t like Toby Gabert because everytime I hear his name I think about the movie “ROOTS” starring Levar Burton.

3. What advice to you have for Michael Vick?

STOP COMPLAINING!! AND RUN THE DANG BALL!!! You are not Peyton Manning. You are Michael Vick. Therefore, scramble like Randall!!

4.What happens when your backup is better than you?

I don’t know, ask Tim Tebow?

5.What’s the difference between Texas and Texas A&M?

The A and the M

6. Do you love Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul?

No. I love New Orleans Hornet point guard Chris Paul.

7. Why are the Jacksonville Jaguars losing?

They cut their best quarterback David Gerrard. Therefore, they deserve to lose.

8. Do you think it is a “little weird” that Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie take bubble baths together?

If they don’t tell, I want ask?

9. What advice do you have for Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler?

STOP, DROP, AND ROLL!! Because your offensive line can’t protect you.

10. Did you see the Washington Redskins versus the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football?

Yes, I saw the game. By the way, one bad snap could have snapped little Tony Romeo’s ribs If you have any questions for Bobbee Bee, send them to