Friday Night Showtime, Gonzalez squeeze out a close one!

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: October 31, 2011

Brandon “Flawless” Gonzalez

Brandon “Flawless” Gonzalez

IOWA CITY, IOWA, (BASN)—‘Brandon “Flawless” Gonzalez was anything but flawless against veteran Ossie Duran.

Gonzalez found himself fighting a veteran who never been stopped and Duran toughness and guile proved almost a bridge too far. Gonzalez showed good mobility in the opening round but Duran used his jab to stay within striking distance and this allowed Duran to throw quick rights over Gonzalez’s left hand.

In the second round, the Duran’s left jab neutralized Gonzalez speed and he managed to reduce the size of the ring as he cut the ring in half; forcing Gonzalez to stand and fight. Gonzalez used his hand speed to connect on some solid combinations but Duran was able to counter effectively and Duran pressure forced the pace.
By the middle of the fight Duran powerful jab set up his combinations and he hit Gonzalez from different angles but the one thing that appeared to slow the Duran’s express was Duran’s dregs kept getting into his face. This allowed Gonzalez to nail Duran with a sharp combination near the end of the fourth round. This could prove decisive in the final score.
Between the fifth and sixth round, Gonzalez corner reminded their fighter to use his natural foot movement and speed. Inspired and knowing he may be losing, Gonzalez opened up distance between him and Duran by movement. This allowed Gonzalez to connect on snappy combinations and changed the pace of the fight. This continued into the seventh round as Gonzalez looked like he changed the momentum of the fight.
Both fighters felt that the needed the last round and both hit each other with combinations; Duran used his overhand right that he was successful in the middle of fight to score effectively but Gonzalez threw scoring combinations.
Duran used his experience to utmost advantage as he appeared to win the fight. Antonio Tarver had the score as a draw and Steve Farhood had the fight 78-74 in favor of Duran. (I had the fight 77-75 in Duran’s favor.) The judges gave the fight to Gonzalez by a split decision 77-75 whereas the other judge agreed with Farhood and scored the fight, 78-74. This was a close fight to score and certainly, one could make the case for Gonzalez.
As mention previously, Duran’ s dreg flipped in front of his face in middle of the right. At the end of the fourth round, Gonzalez took advantage and he may have stolen a round and in a close fight, every punch counted. Gonzalez did not look impressive but he did manage to win over a tough veteran.
In the first bout of the evening, Javier Molina wanted to use his speed and mobility and he did that in the first round. From that point Artema Reyes smothered Molina and Molina could never establish an distance to launch his quicker hands. Reyes managed to set the pace and he took this into a constant pressure fight as he fought every minute of every round. This fast pace and inside fight game allowed Reyes the opportunity to throw his right over Molina left.
Molina could not really box and was forced into a toe to toe bout. This neutralized his speed and he could never take for advantage of using all his skills. Reyes won the decision easily winning 6 rounds on two of the judges’ cards and five rounds on the other.
Both undefeated prospects showed they have much to learn and in the case of Molina, a lack of power hurt him in slowing Reyes. Gonzalez did just enough to win a close decision but he also showed that he needs more work.