Doing The Same Ole Two Step

By Eric D.Graham
Updated: October 4, 2011

NORTH CAROLINA, (BASN)—Let’s be honest, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is not Roger Staubach.

He is not even Troy Aikman.

Tony Romo is simply a better version of Danny White.

But despite this, the state of Texas is still trying to convince America that he is some type of elite quarterback.

But Romo hasn’t won anything to deserve this celebrity treatment.

And to be truthful, the only stars on the Dallas Cowboys are the ones on the side of their helmets.

Seriously, Tony Romo has not won a Super Bowl.

Let’s face the facts.

Tony Romo was not a first round draft pick, neither was Tom Brady.

But you can’t put Tony Romo in the same category as Brady, Brees, Manning, Rodgers,Roethlisberger or Phillip Rivers for that matter.

But all last week, ESPN as well as the devoted Dallas Cowboy fans were talking about how great he was after his lackluster yet inspiring broken rib and mysterious healed punctured lung performance against the Washington Redskins.

They, however, overlooked the four bad snaps and the fact that the Cowboys didn’t score a touchdown against their hated rivals.

But within a week, the myth of Romo has been shattered once again after his three interception performance in a (34-30) lost against the Lions on Sunday.

As a result, Romo finds himself sitting in another press conference with those big puppy-dog eyes trying to examine his mistakes.

If Romo is not careful, he could be the next contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

Unfortunately for him, he’ll probably be dancing backwards.

Because he always seems to be taking two steps forward, then two steps back.

As a result, the Dallas Cowboys find themselves 2-and-2 with New England and the St.Louis Rams next on the schedule.