Cam Newton is showing the world

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: October 25, 2011

Cam Newton

Cam Newton

OAKLAND, CA.,(BASN)–This article was written early in April of this year and this writer would like to ask Mr. Nawrocki does he feel the same way about this talented African American


Cam Newton is the new superstar of the National Football League. Newton will be breaking the rookie records of Payton Manning. With his leadership and football skills Carolina will be in good hands

Last Week Mr. Newton won his second game of the young season with the Carolina Panthers beating the Washington Football Club 33-20.

Newton threw for 256 yards with one touchdown, he also ran for another touchdown in last Sunday’s victory.

This young man in game number 6 has over 2,000 yards passing with 8 touchdowns with an 82.2 Quarterback rating.

So Mr. Nawrocki the next time writing about a future football player DO YOUR HOMEWORK at least interview the person you are writing about if possible

Cam Newton and girlfriend, Natalian

CALIFORNIA— On Monday March 28, 2011 Reporter Nolan Nawrocki of Yahoo Sports Shutdown Corner and Pro Football Weekly wrote a report that was reprinted on Saturday morning April 2, 2011 on the Yahoo Sports web site by Jason Cole. Cole stated that Mr. Nawrocki does not have an axe to grind but in my opinion this case is open for debate.

Talk about piling on! ESPN and USA Today NFL Draft Special Edition contributor Jim Corbett joined in the chorus vilifying Cam Newton with their critical articles.

These writers state that Cam Newton has a bad character, is arrogant, has a fake smile, plays up to the camera, is very immature, has a big ego, has a sense of entitlement, thinks he is above the law, is often late for meetings, has problems with authority, and lacks leadership qualities.

Does this sound familiar? Why don’t you throw in the kitchen sink while you’re at it?

If all these things were true why did he start for the War Eagles or Tigers?

What is very interesting that it is hard to find writers or reporters to say or write the same things about white quarterbacks, even if display these same characteristics. For example white quarterback Jim Corbett from the University of Missouri Tigers was reprimanded by the police for fighting in a bar restroom. Corbett and his buddies were drinking, yet no one was cited or fined and the American news media ignored the story. Corbett was drinking while under the age limit.

Question, how does Mr. Nawrocki know all of these things about Cam Newton’s personality? Did he attend Auburn University and play football the last two years? Was he a roommate of Cam Newton? Just wondering.

This is just another attack by the media on the Newton family. This attack began two years ago, after Newtons‘ enrollment at Auburn University. Cam played for the War Eagles instead of the Mississippi State University Bulldogs.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Southeast Conference (SEC), or the American Justice Department could not prove Cam Newton’s father solicited Mississippi State. The senior Newton allegedly requested a large sum of money before his son would suit up for the Maroon and White.

So now the sports media goons are out for revenge. They want Cam Newton’s blood and the heart of this 21 year old because the writers feel the legal system let them down. They all wanted a guilty verdict but that would not be forth coming. Newton would not be punished for his father’s alleged deeds; and no time through all this was Newton ever afforded the premise of “innocent until proven guilty.”

It is obvious that all of these infractions are non-football issues. Remember Cam Newton was SEC player of the year, Newton was quarterback of the year, Newton was the Heisman Trophy winner, Newton won the national mythical title, and Newton was the fastest man on the team. So, what are these writers talking about and why do they continue to write articles like this?

This sounds like defamation of character? Are they trying to lower his draft ratings in May? What about taking money out of this young mans pockets due to the lower draft choice because of this bias and negative reporting?

It might be time for future college players to take legal action. It may be time to challenge these internet and newspaper writers. It is time to take a stand against yellow journalism. Then these writers would stop hiding behind their keyboard and computer screens.

This is blatant character assassination and it should not be tolerated. Other writers or reporters have written about Cam Newton’s so – called flawed personal traits. This only validates the fact that America continues to have issues with star Black quarterbacks. These quarterbacks that know who they are, and what they want, and that stand up for their rights. Quarterback who are not Sambo’s or step-N’ fetch it’s. Black Power (male) in any form scares Middle America.

Will this ever end? Below are the statistics for the Auburn‘s star quarterback Cam Newton for the year 2011. Mr. Newton directed the War Eagle spread offense. This is the same offense that most National Football League (NFL) teams employ, so therefore Newton would fit in to most NFL team offensive programs.

Many scouting reports state that Mr. Newton cannot read defenses or is slow to read his offensive progressions- “that’s going from your primary receiver-first choice to your second choice or secondary receiver, quickly”. Scouts and writers also claimed that other African American quarterbacks like Major Harris of the West Virginia Mountaineers and Randall Cunningham of the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings exhibited these traits. Both quarterbacks had a fairly decent career at the professional level, one in the United States the other in Canada.

Mr. Newton led the Auburn Tigers to an undefeated season and the mythical National Championship beating the Oregon Ducks 22-19.

Newton has broken many SEC records throwing and rushing for over 3, 000 yards. He is the only quarterback to have 600 yard rushing recorded over three consecutive games in a season.

Here are his seasonal records for 2011: 7 interceptions 30 Touchdown throws 72 completed passes 1,453 yards rushing 20 rushing touchdowns The Yahoo Sports reporter failed to mention these accomplishments.

Mr. Nawrocki and others got on their high moral horses and rode them as far as they could. My question to these reporters would be, where were you when Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback Benjamin Todd Roethlisburger was doing his thing in a bar bathroom in Georgia with a young college coed? Where were you when recently retired Minnesota Viking quarterback Brett Favre, sent photographs of his private parts to a female employee in the New York Jets organization? Character flaws?

These same reporters and writers get moral when it’s convenient and when it’s an African-American male the subject of their scorn that has not changed in over 200 years.

Mr. Nawrocki, if you don’t like the player or have an issue with this player just say that. Don’t write a story that is totally unrelated to the sport or how an athlete performs on the field, court, diamond, or ice.

When a reporter writes something like this it full of conjecture, it opens the door for racial overtones. It loses the power of what or why it was written but I guess that did not matter to these white writers.

Warren Moon defended Cam Newton Thursday afternoon March 31, 2011. Moon stated that Mr. Nawrocki was not professional in his article and it was a personal attack on Cam Newton.

Moon stated he dealt with this issue 40 years ago and that double standard and racial bias continues. How many Black quarterbacks have to play the position admirably before we stop this nonsense?

These same reporters judge white quarterbacks by their performance on the field. Why can’t they do the same for African-American quarterbacks?

Ever since the election of our President apparently it is has been open season for African-American male athletes. These attacks have become relentless, and malicious. The internet has permitted individuals to write and say almost anything they wish wither they get the facts correct or not.

Black Athletes Sports Network addressed such issues in a different manner.

The University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana fired head coach Tyrone Willingham, and signed of Charlie Weis, to a 10 year extension. Both men had the same record of wins and loses with a half a game difference in three years. This also happened with the mascot and logo issue at Salmon High School in Idaho, disrespecting the heritage of Native American Indians. In both cases white sports writers, reporters, and fans tried to defend the reasoning for their actions but in each case the grievance was with the institution not the individual and this is where Mr. Nawrocki and others have failed.

Nawrocki should have questioned the NCAA about Newton‘s father, questioned Mississippi State‘s football administration, and questioned the American judicial and legal system. And instead these writers attacked Cam Newton on personal issues not football issues. It is easy to bludgeon and defame a young man then to do research and homework. This is unfair and unethical and Cam Newton cannot defend himself in the press.

Just like 40 years ago when Hall of Famer quarterback Warren Moon had to deal with this same un-intellectual scouting and writing minions, who stated that he could not play the position. Moon went to Canada and won 5 straight Grey Cups as a quarterback before the NFL decided that Moon could indeed play the position and win.

Mr. Nawrocki, Cam Newton is the new NFL prototype quarterback wither you like it or not, big, tall, and mobile with arm and leg strength. Just let him grow up and play the game. In the future Mr. Nawrocki, “Just give me the facts man”.

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