A SuperStar in the Making

By Eric D.Graham
Updated: October 11, 2011

Cam Newton

Cam Newton

NORTH CAROLINA, (BASN)–He stands tall in the pocket, surveying the field, before throwing a perfect strike to a wide open receiver for a first down.

Next, he barks out the cadence from the shotgun formation before sprinting and leaping over the crowd for a touchdown.

After an elaborate touchdown celebration, his enthusiasm for the game is expressed on his smiling face as he stares in the camera and looks into the heart of America.

YES, a superstar has been born.

Don’t deny the feeling.

Honestly, when this dude puts on a pair of shoulder pads and a helmet, it is must see T.V.

He brings the whole family together.

And they all watch and cheer for his success.

It’s like watching a young Michael Jordan during his rookie year in the NBA.

In other words, when the game is over, there are a lot of unbelievable stats but very few wins.

But things will quickly change for this budding superstar, who has rejuvenated the career of Panthers’ wide receiver Steve Smith.

Why? Because his sheer presence demands your attention.

Just watch the way he takes charge of the huddle before every snap, observe his cool confidence on the sideline, all of this is evidence that this kid belongs in the NFL.

Even with his careless rookie mistakes, he still plays the game like an old veteran.

To put it plainly, he plays to win because losing is not an option for him.

And so far, he has played beyond their expectations.

He, in fact, has many analysts scratching their heads and constantly checking his stats.

Why? Because during the 2011 NFL Draft, most of his critics considered him to be the plan B to Stanford’s Andrew Luck.

In other words, he wasn’t supposed to be this good so soon.

But, Cam Newton is good.

And, he is standing on the brink of greatness.

With more starts and more snaps, he could be considered an elite quarterback in this league just like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Peyton Manning.

Plus, he could lead the Panthers to a Super Bowl victory in the near future.

This is not wishful thinking.

The numbers do not lie.

Newton has completed 113 passes out of 194 attempts while throwing for over 1,600 yards in the air with seven touchdowns.

Truthfully, he has the X-factor that Simon Cowell is looking for.

And even though the Panthers are 1-4 this year, Newton has put them in position to win every game.

If you have seen him play yet, this week he’ll be “taking his talents” to the Georgia Dome against the (2-3) Atlanta Falcons.