Tiger Woods A Lost Man

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 16, 2011

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

OAKLAND, CA. (BASN)—Eldrick “Tiger” Woods had a car accident. He ran into a tree, broke a fire hydrant and destroyed the passenger side of his car at 2 a.m. in the morning in his back yard. Tiger’s neighbors called 911 and the story should have ended there, but it continued.

The reason this is news is because it is Eldrick “Tiger” Woods, the famous Black golfer, a billionaire, and because he is married to a woman that is three shades lighter than him. ESPN and other news media made it a point that America would knew every single detail of this incident.

Another vain attempt to dismantle and destroy another powerful, rich, and handsome African American male.

It should have been a wake up call Tiger’s first awareness that he is indeed A BLACK MAN. Welcome to the Club Mr. Eldrick “Tiger” Woods. He has not enjoyed his stay, Mr. Woods be prepared because it will be for the rest of your life. When you were a young man you created a word that many still don’t understand.

Can somebody explain what “Cablasian” means?, because in American history if one ounce of Black blood is in the body, you are Black. That is the definition of a Black Person by United States standards. Some distinguished and rich African American men never got the memo or ignored it.

“CABLASIAN”, meaning Caucasian, Black, and Asian. Very ingenious but take notice what race came first in this very interesting word? Is this self-hatred or self praise? Only Eldrick “Tiger” Woods can answer this question and he is not talking right now. He must be looking in the mirror right now asking that same question.

Many other African American athlete stars run away from their heritage, their ancestry, their history, and their the community.

These talented men are the strongest group of men in the Black community. These men marry women outside of their culture. As a result they become the target of ESPN, yes the almighty Mouse.

Many people are asking could that have been Tigers, O.J. Moment?

Tiger was not seen in public after the accident. He tried to control a situation that was out of control. Mr. Woods should have rectified a few issues surrounding the incident.

Mr. Woods resigned from his own tournament the following weekend in Los Angeles, California.

He then released another statement about his past transgressions against his family. This story still has not gone away because the media loved it. Degrading another Black man. Mr. Woods never stepped up to the plate to clear the air. The weekly press releases are not cutting it. Once again Mr. Woods wanted to control this situation that he could not.

ESPN and other sports media were upset because he won effortlessly all the time. The way Mr. Woods won was by using mind games and intimidation. These are the same tactics many other golfers used years before. Woods was the only few black male to use this tactic.

Middle America got riled because he married a beautiful white woman. And lastly the United State press corp. continued to be upset because they knew very little about Eldrick “Tiger” Woods personal life.

Many American females are angry because he cheated with another white woman. He still is the right wing’s ultimate nightmare a popular black male with millions of dollars spending time with other white females. The forbidden fruit.

Yes, Eldrick Tiger Woods “Welcome” to the exclusive club of African American men.. Now you know what it is like to be Black and Male in the United States.

Elin Woods (wife) is a rich women, leaving him for her native Sweden. There was an alleged new pre- nuptial agreement. This is what Black male athletes cannot comprehend. Elin will now receive a reported 80 million dollars. If she worked the rest of her life she would never accumulate the income that Tiger Woods will bestow her. Many sports wives marry into a life of luxury.

Black Male athletes are still trying to be accepted in a country that refuses to accept African American males. Marrying white females does alter this status.

Which leads me to the last point, why don’t these strong African American men marry or date African American women? These men would get everlasting support from our beautiful Black sisters.

Then again, I digress as my BASN colleague Cowboy Reggie would state; these guys don’t want a strong African American woman by their side. So Tiger, Welcome to the Club.

Tiger Woods was one of the most powerful and intimidating golfers in the world. Woods won his last tournament on one leg. That would all change and he would turn into a kitten after his sexual encounters and the divorce from his Swedish wife. Tiger was well on his way to beating the 17 Majors record and becoming a golf icon.

In 2011 Mr. Woods has not even come close in any Major. The media stripped him of his power and he has struggled to regain it.

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