Straight . . .No Chaser; Vick Has Critics Choking On Their Words

By Dezi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: September 1, 2011

DENVER, CO, (BASN)—I hope all the many critics of Mike Vick choke, gag and spit-up on the vast amount of raw crow they should rightfully be swallowing now that #7 has risen from the 12-foot deep grave he was buried alive in.
Let’s venture back to yesteryear . . . . According to the vast over-whelming majority of America’s sports media, Vick’s being offered a slot on any NFL team was suppose to be affirmitive action gone awry, “charity” run amuk and “wishful thinking” on the behalf of any teams, reaching.
Then Vick was allegedly washed up, only suited for back-up duty, then it was said he could only reemerge as a prototypical “Wild-man” quarterback – relegated to spot duty and dire gridiron situations where a physically gifted, yet nonetheless mentally hamstrung athlete is required to improvise, adapt n’ overcome astronomical odds (3 and 17). Vick was characterized as a raw-savage who could learn by sitting at the lap of registered and noted company-man/house-Negro Donavan McNabb who was once deemed a White man’s Negro before #5 opened his mouth and talked about the obvious dual-standards for NFL signal callers who happened to be Black, and now with George W’ Bushs’ buddy Mike Shanahan having had him benched and branded “dumb and broken down.” Then Vick was cast as a backup to yet another Great White Hope, Kevin Kolb who was, have some TEA Party sportsfans tell it – better then either Vick or McNabb . . . wishful thinking on the behalf of many envious, resentful and hate-filled Rednecks. Now, after an unbelievable 2010 season in which Vick began the redefining of the Field General position – the pundits and naysayers are lining-up to declare last year was a fluke, smoke n’ mirrors, a sham and shell game – defenses will figure Vick out . . . . Peyton Manning and Tom Brady can’t be figured out? They’re the sole statue-like personification of the QB position? They’re “too complete, deep and complex” to decipher their faults and shortcomings . . . ? Logically racism lost out to both logic and capitalism, the jealous and envious White male cheerleaders with press passes have been over-ridden by the Eagles ownership – which has calculated, i.e., weighed, measured and pounded all the elements and variables – and thus concluded Mike Vick is worth a 100 million dead presidents. What this says is the Eagles ownership operates their business . . . like a profit -seeking business – signing n’ playing the best gladiators. While the sportsfans and writers across America desire to run it the way the TEA Party wants to run the US – by catering to their own paranoid racial insecurities, placing White racial pride above Team America winning. Endangering the well being of all – to serve the best interest of a few . . .the wealthy and the investor class which both are overwhelmingly White. Can You say BYU? Ponder that point; the economy can crash, roads and bridges can crumble, schools can fail, hospitals can close and children can starve or freeze to death . . . in order to shame n’ blame Obama, to regain the Oval Office. Blacks, Latino’s, American Indians, working class White folks and Immigrants of color . . . are all expendable as far as the the “Right” in this nation is concerned. At the risk of being redundant . . . Vick has the tools to redefine the NFL QB position – in the identical manner the running back, wide receiver and defensive back positions have been redefined – to the point White guys can hardly compete at these slots, can’t predominant nor will ever dominate them like they did when all aspects of life in the US of A was rigged – including sports. Vick has defied all odds, all the gutter-low expectations set for him by individuals who, if you read between the lines, past the little White lies they endlessly, in a dogmatic, arrogant and pompous manner spout-off at the prospect of Blacks playing Quarterback in the NFL, they’ve created a mine-field of man-made obstacles to deter and turn around Black field generals . . . nevertheless regardless of Vick’s work on the gridiron, most of these frustrated jock-sniffing, high school bench warmers posing as journalist continue to pontificate, still continue to refuse to give him his just due propers . . . which merely endears him to the masses. Yeah . . . I openly n’ shamelessly hope these pretenders and weasels suffocate themselves , become asphyxiate based on the mounds of the over-the-top negative words they’ve penned hoping to nail Mike Vick to the wall.