Straight . . . No Chaser: Is Mike Vick Expendable?

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: September 26, 2011

DENVER, CO. (BASN)—Mike Vick just does not get it . . . nor does Trent Dilfer, Mike Golic and a host of others. Vick wondered out-loud (lord knows he’s not suppose complain) after the Philly/Big Apple matchup twixt the Eagles and Giants, in which his non launching hand was brusided, in his post-game conference that he didn’t understand why he didn’t get the obvious roughing the passer calls . . . he does not understand why there’re different strokes for different folks. President Obama wonders the same identical thing. “I felt I got hit late. No flag,” Vick said of his injury. At some point something catastrophic is gonna happen. Not to blame the refs, but more precautions should be taken . . . I get hit in the head. I don’t know why I don’t get the 15-yard flag like everybody else does.” I know why . . . and so do most of you. It’s just that FOX Sports, Yahoo Sports, ESPN, SI refuse to have that conversation. It’s why a certain half the sports-nation wanted Peyton Hillis on the cover of Madden, while the rest wanted Vick; But White folks would rather not discuss the obvious differences – how that whole fiasco broke down demographically, color wise. Black vs. White . . . .
“Everybody saw the game,” Vick said. “I’m on the ground constantly. All the time. Every time I throw the ball, in all my highlights and just watching film in general, every time I throw the ball, I’m on the ground, getting hit in the head, and I don’t know why I don’t get the 15-yard flags like everybody else does.” Nonetheless, Vick wants to be protected by the “authority” on the gridiron . . . . Vick wants to be treated like all the other top-tier White Field Generals in the league . . . and that’s precisely where he makes his mistake. Vick believes he’s being weighed n’ measured on the stone cold facts verses all the intangibles. No, instead he’s being evaluated as a Black man wanting a White man’s job, translation; some cry baby-ex-convict millionaire, i.e., an “uppity Nigger” who’s forgotten the unspoken rule in America . . . a Black man should never “forget his place.” Vick, have the Rednecks who govern the game and cover the game are concerned – should be in prison or working at the local rec. centerhe, and he sure as hell ought be grateful he’s allowed to still play, and not in Levenworth where he belongs – eternally paying for dog fighting, and endlessly paying for daring to play the QB position. Come, let’s get in Mr. Peabody’s Way Back machine and return to the infancy of Mike Vick’s NFL career, where, like Cam Newton today, and Donavon McNabb before them both, and Vince Young in the in-between – these Black quarterbacks were deemed, society-wide not quite up to NFL standards. Inferior and sub-par, specifically-so in the intelligence/leadership category. Not to mention overly emotional, immature and lacking character – pick any demeaning slight and it was applied to these men at some point in their collegiate and professional careers. Applied by . . . White male sports writers and White fans. Non-bias ones of course who’ll tell you in a heartbeat how colorblind they are. Trent n’ the boys have, (quite predictably) conveniently forgotten about those decades when there fore-fathers regarded Black folks as nothing more the enlightened apes. I’d submit that racist mentality is alive and well in America – so therefore alive n’ well within the NFL, and one of the cornerstones in understanding why the league, the actual league itself permits the beatings and floggings of Vick. I’ll go out on a limb, and venture to say those in Trent’s tent disagree with me about the social climate of America. While Vick seems to have forgotten that there are those out there . . . who loathed him long-before Dog-Gate. And Vick can’t but I will attribute it to being Black in a White man’s country, playing a position which represents the finale bastion of false White male superiority. Let’s us say the NFL establishment is not desirous Vick be protected. And that sentiment start’s with the referees – representing power, control, authority . . . the NFL’s establishment, i.e., the owners – and their Wall Street buddies/corporate sponsors and the political prostitutes in their back pockets – with that in mind it’s a no brainer behind closed country club doors their plan is to not promote Vick, nor Cam as the poster-boys of the league because of their in-marketability to an fan-base which somewhat reflects White America’s attitude about Blacks. Most of White America, according to the numbers don’t like Black folks too much unless you’re Hermen Cain or Uncle C. Thomas . . . . not even ole Uncle Colin Powell hates his own enough to please the TEA Party nation. No instead sportsfans across Main street America much rather see Matty Ice, Joe the Plumber Flacco, Blaine Gabbertt, Tim Tebow, pick a White quarterback, any White quarterback and he’s a better front-man for the game then either Vick or Cam as far as. . . America is concerned. Give the people/fans what they want . . . which is Thor throwin’ a pigskin. It’s akin to the Presidential duel which is approaching . . . just about any White guy will do over Obama as far as the “Right,” who constitute “mainstream USA” are concerned. Beyond people wanting to see #7 hung at sun-break because he killed the dogs he illegally gambled on, and if that’s not a glaring, example of the exact lesser value of a Black mans life . . . the indifference if not cloaked hostility derives from “Real American” Sports fans not wanting to see him as the “New Face” of the league. The Tim TEA-bow disciples dread the thought young White boys in Idaho wanting to be Vick, and young ladies across the nation wanting to see him accept the already on the bed offer to pose butt-naked in playgirl. For men like Trent and Steve, the comin’ to life in front of your very eyes nightmare is your son wants to be him, an your daughter wants to experience the Vick experience. Like an option route, I could go a number of directs here . . . but I’m going to keep on this deep post and tell it like it really is; McNabb looked like the McNabb of ole, while Cam “The Man” Newton got the Blue Panthers a victory. As did Travis Jackson and the “Invisble Man ” – Josh Freeman . . . yes all these men, like Jack Johnson and Joe Louis before them defied the low expectations of White sportsfans who despise them not because of the color of their team colors . . . but because of their skin color. Those two gladiators, Johnson and Louis, along with the original Sugar, Robinson created the sports climate we live in still today; White men verbally endlessly sniping, attempting to assassinate Black Players while searching for Great White Hopes.
As far as the NFL is concernrd . . . Vick is expendable.