Pacman and Mayweather

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: September 26, 2011

Let's get ready to Rumble...

Let's get ready to Rumble...

IOWA CITY, IOWA, (BASN)–After seeing the repeat of the Ortiz-Mayweather, a few things pop up. Joe Cortez was right to take a point away from Ortiz. Ortiz was warned twice before in the round to watch where he placed his head and there was no doubt that Ortiz tried to butt Mayweather’s head.

The other aspect, Cortez did signal to start the fight and while both fighters touch gloves once, it appeared that Ortiz decided to continue the love hug whereas Mayweather decided to heck with that and throw the deciding punches. For a brief second, Joe Cortez looked distracted while the punches were being thrown but there is no doubt that the punches were legal.

For whatever reason, Ortiz had a brain cramp, lost his composure and simply had no clue what he was doing in the fourth round. There was time that his size and attacking style bothered Mayweather but in the fourth round, Ortiz added head butts to his arsenal and I suspect that he simply found himself overwhelmed by the situation. It was a mental freeze and it cost him. Last week, I made the observation that Mayweather did nothing legal but could he have waited a little longer? Now I will simply say, Mayweather did not act like a thug and it was Ortiz who acted unprofessional.

As for the post fight interview, I understood Mayweather’s frustration as he was asked the same question three times but his outburst was not called for. As for Merchant, he seemed to discount the whole controversy and even saw some humor. For a brief moment, Merchant was as much the story as Mayweather knockout.

Boxing fans and pundits want to know the answer to the question; who would win against Mayweather-Pacquaio? Pacquaio is a smaller fighter than Ortiz but faster. Mayweather found a home with his right hand but in much of the three plus rounds, but he rarely used a jab. His right hand did little to stagger Ortiz or at least until Ortiz decided to put his hands down to land kisses. Larry Merchant observed that Mayweather had a 70 percent knockout percentage fighting fighters under welterweight but as a welterweight or heavier; he knocked out only 17 percent of his opponent. Pacquaio has shown that he could knock bigger foes out; even beyond welterweight. Pacquaio will have the advantage of being the stronger puncher but Mayweather will have the edge in defensive skills and still has those lightening quick hands.

There is one opponent who shows the strength of both. Forget the results since often boxing reflects the conflict of styles and some styles are better against selected fighters. Mayweather showed all his strength against Hatton. Ricky Hatton was one of those hard core in your face aggressive fighters who wore opponents out.

Mayweather often exhibits caution nature when boxing, using his boxing skills to parry his opponents thrust before attacking. Against Hatton, he played the matador and like many of Mayweather’s opponents, Hatton eventually wore out himself as he got tired chasing a ghost, a ghost who often unleashed quick punches. Mayweather ended the fight quickly with one punch but that moment was set up by nine plus rounds of defensive evasions and quick combinations.

Hatton was the perfect opponent for Pacquaio who is not as elusive as Mayweather but whose quick hands often beat bigger puncher to the punch. Against Hatton, Pacquaio had a opponent in front of him and he simply unleashed volume of punches in quick flurries. Hatton couldn’t match Pacquiao hand speed just like he couldn’t match Mayweather hand speed,. But there was one difference, Pacquaio throws punches in bunches whereas Mayweather economize his punches. Pacquaio is an active fighter whereas Mayweather uses his hand speed and movement to control the ring. Mayweather does not throw a lot of punches but his hand speed often intimidate opponents from being too active against him.

Question, can Pacquaio force Mayweather to fight a more active fight or will Mayweather use his quick right to force Pacquaio to slow his pace? Pacquaio proved vulnerable to right hands from Morales and Marquez in their fights. Mayweather will have the quickest right hand that Pacquaio ever seen. On the reverse, Pacquaio will be most active fighter that Mayweather will see since his bout with Castillo. Could Pacquaio beat Mayweather? His power and activity will allow him the opportunity but Mayweather is the natural big fighter and his quick hands can slow down the pace of the fight. What makes this fight intriguing is that both fighters have strength that can neutralize their opponent own strong points.