Louis Hamilton IRL Driver

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 19, 2011

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton

OAKLAND, CA.(BASN)—Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton – IRL driver recently received cheers and jeers from Spain.

Mr. Hamilton is a child of the 80’s. He is in a sport that is very difficult for anybody much more for a Black man in the sport of race car driving. At the age of ten Hamilton knew he wanted to race for the McLearn Motor Sports Team. It took only three years before the team signed the eager youngster to the Young Drivers Support Program.

He is the son of a Black father and white mother and the racing community at times never lets him forget it. He is considered the first contending Black driver on the Formula One Circuit. The Monkey chants, banana throwing, the disrespect for his great driving abilities are still prominent on the European tracks.

On 4 February 2008, Hamilton was verbally heckled and abused during pre-season testing at the Circuit de Catalunya in Catalonia by several Spanish spectators who wore black face paint and black wigs, as well as shirts bearing the words “Hamilton’s family”. Hamilton just egnored the crowd and finished in the top ten.

Hamilton became widely unpopular in Spain because of his rivalry with Spanish former team-mate Fernando Alonso. The FIA has warned Spanish authorities about the repetition of such behavior. In reaction to this behavior, the FIA announced in February of 2008 launched a “Race Against Racism” campaign. The Campaign has done well the past three year attracting more potential Black drivers to the sports much to the dismay of the Spanish contingent.

Hamilton won the World Championship in 2008 and has 16 other wins to his record. He won 18 pole positions which makes it a lot easier for the driver to race on street tracks. Lastly he won the Australian, Canadian, German, and Belgian Grand Prix so he is a proven driver that understands the sport.

Yet the sports media still does not respect him.

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