Law and Order for Serena Williams

By Richard Kent BASN Tennis Writer
Updated: September 12, 2011
Serena she guilty in the court of public opinion?

Serena she guilty in the court of public opinion?

NEW YORK, NY. (BASN)—Serena Williams lost a major tennis match Sunday.

She lost the US Open to Samantha Stosur. She was surprisingly blown out 6-2,6-3 by the Australian. She may lose a whole lot more on Monday. She is currently serving a two-year Grand Slam probation for a 2009 verbal outburst at the US Open.

In the first game of the second set,she yelled “Come On” directly after she hit an apparent winner which Stosur never could have returned. Williams was ruled by chair umpire Eva Asderaki to have hindered Stosur’s ability to complete the point and Stosur was give the point and the game. Fact of the matter is that Stosur could not have won the point. Williams immediately berated the umpire and continued to do so throughout much of the remainder of the match. She did not appear to swear at her.
One question that arises is how the Williams act is appreciably different from the grunting by players such as Maria Sharapova during points. Does that hinder their opponents’ ability to complete the point?


Wiliiams risks a ban tomorrow if the Grand Slam Administrator feels that she violated her probation.
Given the fact that Stosur could not have returned the Wiliams shot even without the scream,it seems absurd that Williams lost the point,instead of merely having to replay it,which penalty also falls within the purview of the rule.
Would the chair umpire have made this call against the dozens of players who grunt obnoxiously during matches? Probably not.Does this mean that Williams is being discriminated against? Good question,but also probably not as a similar call was made against Marion Bartoli in an Open match this year on the Grandstand.
Is this writer an apologist for Williams?

Absolutely not. As a matter of fact she has proven over the years to be one of the least approachable players on Tour and has been outright obnoxious at times.

Notwithstanding,the crime here would certainly not fit the punishment would might be meted out to her. Or any other player under similar circumstances for that matter.