By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 19, 2011

ESPN African-American journalist, Steven A. Smith...Every brother Ain't a brother, some brothers are Mothers!

ESPN African-American journalist, Steven A. Smith...Every brother Ain't a brother, some brothers are Mothers!

OAKLAND, CA.(BASN)—One has to wonder how African American Reporters can work at this network knowing its philosophy and goals of this network.

It is very sad to see the changes in television sports network programming and the way they currently report the news; with a specific reference to ESPN.

Provocative stories sell, sex catches your attention; a racially-tinged story sells; and ex-football player Adam “Pacman” Jones making it rain at a strip club sells. Oh — for those who don’t know what “making it rain” means, throwing money at scantily clad women.

Michael Vick was arrested for organizing dog fighting on his property. The murder-suicide report of quarterback Steve McNair was sensationalized by the Mouse. It was stated his alleged 20-year-old Iranian girlfriend may have been the killer. The network made it a point to tell America that McNair was still married.

The reports of McNair’s blood alcohol count, had nothing to do with his death, it only further defamed McNair. He was another star Black quarterback from an (HBCU) Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

All of these men are African Americans and were the lead stories on this network. What is frightening is that this kind of reporting is that other local news networks are following suit.

There is a constant drum beat coming from the studios of Bristol, Connecticut against African American athletes. For those who don’t know what The Mouse means, it’s ESPN, which is owned by the Walt Disney Corporation thus The Mouse, the rodent, the dirty rat.

Here is a challenge for you, do your homework for the next two weeks. Listen to the words of each broadcast on The Mouse, and then make your own decision. The drum beat is loud and clear. It has not changed the past 30 years.

Listen to the way this network describes white athletes and compare it to how this same network describe black athletes. Write down all of the positive images for whites and negative images toward Blacks

The Mouse is fulfilling its agenda on American airwaves by constantly attacking prominent African American athletes. This covert action by this network is not fair, or right. ESPN should be called on the carpet and sued by a Black Athlete then maybe this nonsense would stop.

Why? Because Americans now receive most of their sports information from this sports network. There is not an objective equivalent television sports network to rival, or compete with The Mouse.

ESPN has a monopoly in the Television sports industry even to the extent that their own ABC local stations only give the scores of their local teams. Now that is complete power and control.

Undoubtedly there is a need for a web site similar to BASN Black Athlete Sports Network. Like the motto of Fox News “For Fair and Balance Reporting” (sic). Writers at ESPN would be unable to write articles and most news papers or magazines would not print them if they contradicted ESPN political agenda.

In the past, race and sports were not an issue. Sports fans could enjoy watching games without thinking about anything political and it was fun. Well my fellow Americans, The Mouse has drastically changed that. That slow police chase of that infamous White Ford Bronco on Pacific Coast Hi-way proves the point.

Black fans have to be vigilant and challenge this network. Challenge the network and the internet web sites that follow ESPN political agenda.

Now the stories are about steroids, contracts, conduct, and the way you look or what the Black athlete achieve or did not achieve after the game. Too much information, just too much information.

All that we want from this network is to just report on the score of the game and the strategies of the game, please.

Brett Favre, former quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets, then the Minnesota Vikings. Liked most athletes the 40-year-old Favre should have retired.

This was a non story until The Mouse created a story praising him. When the Mouse airs a story on a white athlete it’s seldom reports negative comments.

Can you imagine what The Mouse would be saying if Brett Favre were African American? A Black Favre would be a self-centered egotistical player, A Black Favre would not be a team player, and a Black Favre would be aloof in the locker-room.

Actually Favre could have been called all of these things but you will never heard this from mouth of The Mouse of Bristol, Connecticut…

The Favre story just made many football fans frustrated. Come on now lets be honest; would a professional football team want a 40-year-old quarterback black or white with a recurring shoulder injury, playing on artificial turf?

As John McEnroe would scream, “You cannot be serious”.

Yet Favre was the little darling of The Mouse. Most knowable football fans know that Tarvaris Jackson, the backup Black quarterback should have been the starting for the Minnesota Vikings that year. Two years later Jackson has regressed and then traded to the Seattle Seahawks thanks to Brett Favre.

Jackson could run faster, throw farther and is much stronger than Brett. Also, Jackson carried the team to the playoffs, while Brett Favre and the Jets stumbled into an early winter vacation.

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