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By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: September 19, 2011

Rush Limbaugh... Blows smoke up your ass.

Rush Limbaugh... Blows smoke up your ass.

OAKLAND, CA—(BASN)The Mouse gave a pass to Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps who was caught smoking a bong. They also gave a pass to Phoenix Mercury star Diana Taurasi who was drinking and driving.

In addition, it gave star quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots a pass twice. Brady had a baby out of wedlock a few years ago, the other for the shooting incident at a wedding party in the Islands.

Now think about this – if any one of the three incidents mentioned above had been committed by an African American athlete what would The Mouse broadcast?

The drum beat would be loud and clear.

This year before the NFL Draft, ESPN analysts were grading players. When a black player was the subject, the player was depicted as incompetent. It continues in 2011 with Ohio State quarterback Terrell Pryor and Auburn‘s quarterback Cam Newton. The Network want both of them to be a wide receivers, tight ends, flankers, or running backs, not quarterbacks.

These reports would state that the Black player cannot perform his duties on the field or he’s too selfish, too short, does not understand pro style offenses or defenses, or that he simply can’t catch the football.

In other words Black Males do not have the intelligence or are just plain stupid to guide a football team to the Super Bowl. Well this network would have to look very hard to dispel that fact with the Super Bowl Champions Washington Football Club because at the helm Doug Williams from Grambling State University. Williams broke 8 Super Bowl offensive records defeating John Elway and the Denver Broncos.

Given the harsh scrutiny, a lawsuit shouldn’t be that far behind.

The NFL teams listen to these talking heads, which have never played a down of football. This chatter drops the African-American player down in the draft to lower rounds. This action cost the Black athletes hundreds and thousands of dollars each year.

The constant drum beat goes on and on.

Black athletes are not good enough yet they keep playing and keep winning games. Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers and Pryor of the Oakland Raiders will be the new prototype quarterbacks. ESPN refuses to admit this publicly

While this phenomenon has being ongoing since ESPN’s existence, clear evidence of this came to a head eight years ago, when the Mouse hired Rush Limbaugh to fill the set on “NFL Countdown” Sunday mornings.

It would not be long before Limbaugh would speak his mind.

Limbaugh stated that Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles was an over rated Black quarterback. He also stated that the liberal media was babying these new Black quarterbacks and they are not good enough to start.

Rush overlooked the clear fact that McNabb took the Eagles to four straight NFC title games and a Super Bowl appearance. So what was your point again, Rush?

The Mouse knew that he would pontificate on the issue of Black quarterbacks. The Mouse did not expect the swift national reaction to his comments. Limbaugh resigned.

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