Dollars Make A Whole Lot of Sense

By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: September 29, 2011

Common Cents: Micheal's debt...

Common Cents: Micheal's debt...

BASN(North Carolina)Every year during the NFL draft, teams scramble to find the next superstar quarterback that will take them to the Super Bowl.

But how many quarterbacks in the NFL are actually better that Michael Vick?

I ask this question, because people are still complaining about that lucrative contract “given” to Vick by the Philadelphia Eagles, which is reportedly worth $100 million, with $40 million guaranteed.

Oddly in the NFL, however, as great as a $100 million contract may sound, no one ever collects the full sum of that contract.

Donte Culpepper didn’t. Carson Palmer didn’t. Brett Favre didn’t.

And Michael Vick probably won’t either, considering the way he is getting punished in the pocket by opposing defenders after week three.

Besides, Vick still owes creditors $19 million in a bankruptcy case, according to ESPN’s Outside the Lines.

But while sports fans fear that Vick won’t live up to his profitable contract, they have failed to complain about Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning signing a five-year, $90 million contract without telling the Colts’ front office about his possible “career-ending” neck injury.

It’s an obvious double standard, but Manning and Vick are viewed very differently by the sports world.

Why? Because many fans believe Manning deserves to make that type of money while Vick doesn’t.

Besides, in their minds, Vick is simply an ex-con.

Sadly, despite signing such a rewarding contract, Vick, even though out of prison, is still not free yet.

Why? Like I stated before, he is a prisoner of debt.

And we all know, Debt is slavery.

Therefore, hopefully, Vick will be officially free around 2014.

His financial freedom, unfortunately, will be determined by him playing injury-free football for the Eagles while in Philadelphia.

Because if Vick gets hurt during his tenure as the Eagles quarterback, he only gets $40 million.

Unfortunately, for Vick, that $40 million after taxes is chopped in half and becomes only $20 million.

Let’s remember, Vick owes his creditors reportedly $19 million.

That $19 million probably is collecting interest on a daily basis.

Therefore, regardless of all the touchdowns Vick may run or throw, he sadly could end up with a zero bank balance in the end of two seasons.

This of course is the worst case scenario.

Maybe, this is one of the reasons why Vick was complaining to the referees about all of those late-hits in the pocket.

He knows, he has to stay healthy in order to get paid.

Therefore, we pray that the “football gods” will provide him with good health, longevity, and a successful five year career in Philadelphia.

Because we know that in the NFL, nothing is really guaranteed.

Not your contract, your starting position, or your career.

In other words, think about your contract when you are taking all of the contact.