Big Changes in College Hoops

By Richard Kent BASN Writer
Updated: September 19, 2011
NEW YORK, NY (BASN)—Why is the best question? it all started with Texas and their desire for the Longhorn Network which forced Texas A&M out the door and into the SEC. The the dominoes really started to fall. The biggest shocker was Pittsburgh and Syracuse to the ACC. You think Jim Boeheim wants to coach in the ACC? Nope. The ACC is pretty close to making an offer to Rutgers and UConn which will lead to an ACC North and South and renew the UConn-Syracuse rivalry.

Rumor has it that the ACC has already contacted officials at Madison Square Garden to hold the ACC Tournament at The Garden.

What a slap in the face to the Big East, but of course the ACC,with its activist Commissioner John Swofford has already taken BC,Miami and Virginia Tech from the Big East so why should we be surprised.

Texas apparently will end up in the new Pac 16 with its huge TV deal and will still have the Longhorn network. Only caveat is that income from the Longhorn network will now be shared in some form with the other 15 schools. If Texas had agreed to do that initially then A&M presumably never would have left.

It appears that West Virginia will also end up in the SEC which is where it probably belongs academically and geographically.
The remaining Big East football schools,USF,Louisville, Cincinnati and TCU will team with the remaining Big 12 schools. Notre Dame will most likely continue to play men’s and women’s basketball in the Big East until it ultimately bites the bullet in a few years and ends up in the Big Ten.
Xavier may leave the A-10 to play basketball in the Big East.
Check back tomorrow. This may all change.