By Eric D.Graham
Updated: August 13, 2011

Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens

NORTH CAROLINA—(BASN)1. Terrell Owens (Bengals)

With a bad knee and a reality show, there may be no T.O. in the NFL this season. I know ESPN’s Skip Bayless will be disappointed.

2. Tiki Barber (Giants)

Age ain’t nothing but a number. But after two years away from the game, can Tiki still carry the rock? The New York Giants released him but no one has picked him up.

3. Brian Westbrook (49ers)

After several concussions as a Philadelphia Eagles, Brian Westbrook’s running back days could be numbered.

4. Lofa Tatupu’s (Seahawks)

Tatupu could end up wearing the silver and black in Oakland.

5. Clinton Ports (Redskins)

He has a lot of mileage on those legs. It may be time for him to park this bumper-car in the garage

6. Donte Culpepper

Need a veteran backup QB? Yes, Donte Culpepper is still available. And he wants to play.

7. T.J. Houshmanzadeh (Ravens)

He has good hands and a great head of hair. He would be an excellent addition to any team in the NFL. The Carolina Panthers should take a look at Houshmanzadeh as well as the Washington Redskins.

8. Leonard Davis (Cowboys)

9. Dhani Jones (Bengals)

He can tie a great-looking bowtie but can he find another team willing to pay him for his services.

10. Rocky McIntosh (Redskins)