Straight . . . No Chaser: Players pick Vick over Shanahan

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: August 11, 2011

DENVER CO. (BASN)–Few, if any gridiron gladiators are lining-up to play for Little Lord Mike Shanahan’s Washington Redskins, and on the other darker hand men are lining up to go into battle with Mike Vick and the Eagles in the city of Brotherly Love. The vast majority of this country’s angry White male sports writers would love to see it the other way-around – having “Shanny” as the magnet which attracts the best n’ baddest.

For both sportsfans and press, there’s an obvious miscalculation at play: the thought Black men are too-dumb and too-greedy to understand nor care their enriching a man like Shanahan . . . who clearly regards the gridiron as a chessboard, his players as interchangeable human pawns, and the Black pawns are a little-less human. What’s this contradiction say about America’s sports fanatics?

Well, let’s start with most players understand Vick was railroaded, had the book thrown-at-him, made an example of, lynched – yet “the man” couldn’t “break him,” he’s risen from the gallows in a dramatic, graphic, flamboyant manner, defying the odds and today stands on the verge of declaring to a number of his critics . . . “kiss my Black ass.” Interestingly, the politicians on the “Right” have openly talked of “breaking” President Obama . . . It’s a tradition in America . . . to “break Black folks who don’t accept our assigned inferior position. No? Uncountable numbers of young men, both Black n’ White – want to stand with Vick when he achieves that type of “Big-Ass-Payback.” There’s an understanding of who n’ what Vick represents and is symbolic of . . . Black men. And despite the press never mentioning the racist underbelly of the NFL . . . they’re more then a few in the league who understand the vendetta the WASP establishment maintains towards Black men. Vick should have a “rope burn” tattoo put around his neck, like Clint Eastwood in Hang em High as he goes about silencing his critics and naysayers . . . who made two mistakes. Dog Killing don’t warrant hanging no man, and . . . they didn’t finish the job. James Brown, the godfather of Soul, may come back from the dead . . . just to belt out “the Big Payback” in honor of Vick if he leads the soaring Eagles to victory in the Super Bowl. The mere thought men want to play alongside Vick inflames both ends of the “White crackpot spectrum;” the Bambi/Flipper/Yogi luvin’ PETA nuts on one end of the spectrum, and the huntin’/fishin, leather-jacket wearing Tea Bagger sports nation on the other end- both wanted Vick drug-out of his cell at sunrise and executed . . . for killing dogs. Recall there was a widespread hope he was shunned and ostracised by front offices, players and sponsors . . . That hasn’t been the case. Wishful, vengeful, judgmental, vindictive thoughts. Knowledgeable , but racist sportsfans wanted him punished, locked-down in the prime of his career, ala Ali, as to limit his ability to rewrite the record books, and more horrifying – redefine the NFL Signal Caller position, craft the QB position like the running back and corner-back slots – White guys simply can’t meet the job descriptions, the demands of the job. Yeah, that’s right, I said it. Now, on the other hand, you’ve got the mad-Hobbit in DC; where there’s but a elf’s handful of premier players assembled on the Washington Redskins’ sideline, granted the team has been a joke for the last decade, but I’d suggest what the White sports writer won’t – most Afro-American players who watched George W. Bushs’ little buddy Mike Shanahan try to break and shame Albert Haynesworth, and who allowed his boy to chain, gag, bench and ultimately shame Donaven McNabb – that whole plantation atmosphere left a bad taste in the mouths of more then a few. Shanahan and Rush Limbaugh are county club chums . . . . Did you know one of the Little Geniuses’ daughters roomed with one of George W’s daughters while in college? Golly gee . . . I think that’s both interesting and telling in so many facets and levels – however the sports press seems to strategically ignore it when evaluating Shanahans actions. Might it be Mike, like his bud, George W. . . . simply does not like Black people who don’t understand their place, their role on the American stage. Might Shanahan, the pint-size General and Lord Flat-Bush share racist, sexist and elitist opinions of the world? How can they not be considering their political associations? Today’s Republican Tea Party has solidified itself as an extension of angry, half-mad, three-fourths insane White folks – who’re apparently quite content destroying the nation/world to get that commie/pinko/Marxist/Black Nationalist welfare-state supporting half-Negro out of the White House. I know Tea Baggin Sports writers have no desire to present this factual side of the coin when painting a picture of what’s behind the Washington Savages, oh sorry, Redskins disarray, still it’s a tangible assumption when an Afro-American player, perhaps a analytical man is evaluating the pros n’ cons of playing for, enriching a man like Shanahan – who seemed to go out of his way when coaching the Denver Broncos to use the team, certain players, their glitter n’ gleam to assist George W. steal two elections, and clearly now with Washington intentionally attempted to break Albert Haynesworth via shame, while branding Donaven McNabb as “lazy and dumb.” These are insults right of the official Willie Lynch Redneck manual ” How to train your Mandingo, “How to break your big black buck . . .” There are consequences and repercussions for this plantation mentality – the best of men don’t line up to work with nor play for you. Nevertheless when a Black man defies the gutter low expectations White America has set for him, and adheres to his own standards . . . men line up to go into battle with you.