By Eric D.Graham
Updated: August 30, 2011

NORTH CAROLINA, (BASN) 1. Do you think Tim Tebow can be a starting quarterback in the NFL?

Sure, if Alex Smith can be a starting quarterback in the NFL, Tim Tebow can be a starting quarterback in the NFL. Seriously!!

2. Do you think rookie Linebacker Casey Matthews will make an impact this year for the Philadelphia Eagles?

Yes, but I think it is time for him to get a haircut.

3. Is Cam Newton the next Demarcus Russell?

No, Cam Newton is the next Jason Campbell.

4. Should Ndamukong Suh have gotten fined $20,000 for his hit on Cincinnati Bengals Andy Dalton?

No. The unhidden rule for any defensive players is to “kill the quarterback.” And there are no exceptions to the rule…

5. Did you hear the news flash that Kimbo Slice is boxing now?

This is just another example of how irrevalent boxing has become

6. Who are you going to vote for in 2012 Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, or Barack Obama?

Michelle Obama.

7. What advice do you have for rookie QB Cam Newton?

That’s easy? SCRAM, CAM!! SCRAM

8. Have you been watching the Little League World Series on ESPN?

Of course not, I don’t even watch the Major League World Series on ABC.

9. What is one thing that shocks you about ACC Football?

The University of North Carolina is as corrupt as the University of Miami.

10. Did you hear that Kim Kardashian got married?

Great! Now, Reggie Bush can concentrate solely on playing football.

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