Grudge match produces a good fight

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: August 6, 2011

Vernon Paris and Tim Coleman

Vernon Paris and Tim Coleman

IOWA CITY, IOWA, (BASN)This was an evening of the blood feud between two fighters who simply didn’t like each other and in the process produced a pretty good fight. The undefeated Vernon Paris and Tim Coleman spent most of the pre fight scene engaging in entertaining trash talk on how they were going to beat the snot out of each other. This was advertised as a battle to the death and while that was quite the exaggeration, but both fighters came after each other once the opening bell began.

Coleman went on the attack quickly as he jabbed his way into Paris. Paris, who was the taller of the two fighters, jabbed back and counter with shots to the body and head. In a close round, Coleman was the more active but Paris threw a couple of accurate shots that may have won the round.

Coleman continued his assault in the second round and a Coleman quick right sent Paris down for an eight count.

Paris looked more frustrated than hurt as he got up from the knockdown and he attempted to regain some momentum when he countered with some vicious body shots but the round was Coleman 10-8.

The third round and fourth round saw ebb and flow for the fighters as they took turn nailing each other with accurate shots. Coleman best punch was his right hand and he even successfully trapped Paris on the rope during action in the fourth round. Paris left jab was accurate but what were the key to his success proved to be his shots to Coleman’s body. The fifth round saw Paris use those body shots to slow Coleman down and turn the tide whereas he was taking Coleman best shots.

The sixth round was the decisive round for Coleman attacked as he did throughout the fight but he got nailed with a buzz saw of combinations including a solid left hook, an overhand right and an uppercut that sent Coleman’s head 180 degrees. A stunned Coleman retreated back to the rope with a series of vicious body shots sent Coleman to the ground. With more than a minute left, Coleman went into survival mode as he tried to hold on but Paris continued to rip body shots upon body shots. With seconds left in the round, Coleman hit the ground a second time.

Between the sixth and seventh round, Coleman looked beaten and tired but he wasn’t going to quit, simply because he wanted to fulfill his own prophecy to win. Paris connected on more body shots and Coleman hit the ground a third time but this time, the referee stopped the fight. Coleman had taken enough.

Paris won his twenty fifth victory in a role but he looked impressive by the way he put his combinations together against a determined foe. He won the fight by going to body and used his body shots to set up head shots but in the end, it was the body shots that won the fight.

In the first fight of the evening, the undefeated prospect Art Hovhannesyan took a step up against Cristobal Cruz, a tough former world champion coming off a fifteen month lay off. The first round was close as neither fighter gained an upper hand but by the second round, Cruz discovered that he could land his looping right hand over Hovhannesyan low left hand. He did that consistently over the next two and half rounds as he delivered the more accurate punches. Hovhannesyan attempted to use his strength and punching power but Cruz defensive ability and experience held him off.

In final round, Hovhannesyan finally gained some momentum as he trapped Cruz in the corner but unfortunately for both fighters an accidental head butt opened a nasty gash over Cruz head and blood came spurting out. The referee stopped the fight and the fight went to scorecard in accordance to California rules. The judges declared the fight a technical draw so neither fighter came out with a win but Cruz showed that he still had something left.

In between these bouts, Mike Faragon scored an easy knock out victory over Ira Terry, who lost his fourth fight in a row by knock out. Faragon, an undefeated prospect showed skills but his opponent was simply out of his league so it was hard to judge if he was that good or it was the quality of his opponent. Terry had a impressive 24- 5 record coming into the fight but many of his fights were in southern states against inferior competition. Faragon proved simply to be a better technical fighter with more punching power.