Can We Have Another Black Quarterback Please ?

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: August 22, 2011

Terrelle Pryor

Terrelle Pryor

OAKLAND, CA. (BASN)—Another Black Starting Quarterback?

Terrelle Pryor – Ohio State Buckeye football quarterback became the latest target of the Sports media world. Pryor applied for the National Football League Supplemental Draft on Aug. 22, 2011.

Americans pay little to no attention to this draft however this year the Mouse (ESPN) and others will be in NFL offices trying to get information. They want to know which team drafted the talented Black quarterback. Then they will proceed to use their bully pulpit to make him a wide receiver instead of the position he has played for years quarterback.

Here are Mr. Pryor’s Ohio State Statistics

Through three seasons at the Ohio State University, Pryor completed 477 passes in 783 attempts (a 60.9 completion percentage) for 6,177 yards, 57 touchdowns with 26 interceptions. He also rushed 436 times for 2,164 yards (a 5.0 per carry average) and 17 touchdowns.

Pryor left a starting quarterback job at Columbus to go professional. The Buckeyes faces many NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association penalties which many in the Ohio Media blame this young Black quarterback. Pryor did not want to be the center of attention on the Midwest Campus. After head Coach Jim Terssell left the campus that definitely became the case.

Terrelle much like LeBron happened to be ahead of the sports curve as he hired high powered agent Drew Rosenhouse to represent him. This gave notice to the NFL that this is serious.

The NCAA put a five game suspension on the Buckeyes and Terrelle Pryor so the NFL currently is wrestling with the issue. Until Pryor said publicly prior to the Supplemental Draft he would abide by the penalty handed down by the NFL.

The League imposed a five game suspension on Pryor which will be served at the beginning of this season.

Commissioner Roger Goodell and (NFLPA) National Football League Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith worked together to craft the decision. The league is trying to dissuade future college players who run afoul of the NCAA from using the NFL as a means of escaping punishment. But the move has been staunchly opposed by current players who believe the NFL is overstepping its authority.

Pryor’s alleged crimes were committed in college. If his punishment wasn’t served there, thanks to ex-coach Jim Tressell’s cover-up and The Bowl Championship Series, The (BCS) embarrassing decision not to suspend him for the Sugar Bowl once his tattoos for-merchandise scheme went public, then it should not be served at all.

The NFL is walking on very dangerous ground and could open the door for a possible lawsuit. Commissioner Roger Goodell is now riding his high moral horse after the lockout was settled and Mr. Pryor becomes his first target.

Terrelle Pryor will have to work hard to keep his quarterback position in the NFL with Commissioner Goodell, ESPN, and the Sports media haunting him.

This story is very clear. A Black wide reciever is more acceptable than another Black quarterback. Currently there are only seven starting Black quarterbacks in the league of 30 teams. Vick-Eagles, Garrard-Jaguars, McNabb-Vikings, Campbell-Raiders, Newton-Panthers, and Jackson-Seahawks. This number will remain at seven whether the Radiers start Campbell or Pryor. The Oakland Raiders home of the misfits, castoffs, and fallen stars drafted the talented Mr. Pryor. The Black and Silver backfield is loaded with talent. This team now can be called one of the youngest in the NFL. The future is bright at the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum.

Raider Nation is smiling tonight. The Pirate can once again swing his sword in victory because we all know a Pirate is a RAIDER


Special thanks to Yahoo Sports and The San Fran. Examiner for the information

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