A Cruel Cut-throat Business

By Eric D.Graham
Updated: August 8, 2011

NORTH CAROLINA, (BASN) Most people forget that the NFL is a business.

A cruel and cut-throat business.

It is a business where you can be traded at any minute and cut without a cause at any second.

There are no true loyalties.

Why? Because the man standing next to you is here to take your job, your position, and food off of your family’s table.

Regardless of the hugs and the handshakes, the high-fives and the end zone celebrations, winning is the only objective.

And money is the bottom-line.

Friendships are made after the season is over or after the Super Bowl is won.

Matter of fact, friendships are few and none in the NFL. Because a road dog is not a friend.

A team mate is not a friend. A drinking buddy is not a friend. A bar room brawler is not a friend.

Therefore, you must always, I mean always, remember that the positions on the field are limited and the competition fierce. In other words, you better fight for your existence. You better work for your right to belong and pray for your longevity in this league.

Because the reality is, life in the NFL can be short.

And at this point in your career, if you have any doubts, please don’t walk on that field.

Because your second-guessing, could get you killed.

Why? Because the players now, are much bigger and much stronger.

And the hits coming from them, could be deadly.

For this reason, many people say that the N.F.L. is an acronym that stands for Not For Long.

Because in this league, losers are fired, whether it’s the head coach or the Pro-bowl quarterback.

Besides, this is a big-boy’s league. There are no babysitters. No one is going to hold your hand and walk you through the process.

As a result, the weak will be replaced by the strong. The slow will be replaced by the fast. The old, and not so old, will be replaced by the young.

And even the young, will be replaced with the younger.

This league will even force some of the best players to retire early and question their careers.

Regardless, if they were Heisman Trophy winners, NCAA Champions, or All-Americans in college, none of these things matter, if you don’t produce on that field on Sunday.

Because the NFL is a place where egos are shattered, blood is shed, bones broken, ribs cracked, concussions delivered and grown-men brake-down and cry like babies.

Yes, the NFL is a place where on any given Sunday; careers could come to an end with one big hit or be extended with one big play.

But nothing, I mean nothing, is guaranteed.

Because it can end as quickly as it begins.

Therefore, you better enjoy it while you can, because the NFL will test your heart, challenge your spirit, and question your faith.

After hearing all of that, are you willing to go the extra mile?

If you are, put on that helmet, buckle up your chin strap, slide on those shoulder pads, tape-up those ankles, lace up those cleats, and get ready to play some football.

But, don’t bring anything back to the locker room, leave everything on the field.

Because in the end, if you perform your best, the fans will cheer.

And in the end, you possibly could be enshrined and immortalized in the Football Hall of Fame.


You survived the game and won.