By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: July 5, 2011

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN)—1. Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers (Duke)

The Lebron James era is over. Now, Kyrie Irving is running the city despite playing only 11 games in college. Dan Gilbert, I hope you are happy, now.

2. Derrick Williams Minnesota Timberwolves ( Arizona)

Williams’s athletism joins forces with Ricky Rubio, Kevin Love, Michael Beasley and Wesley Johnson. This team looks talented on paper but can they play together.

3. Enes Kanter Utah Jazz ( Kentucky)

Some compare him to the Washington Bullets Jeff Rufland. He is a big old tree trunk. Strong and mobile.

4. Tristan Thompson Cleveland Cavaliers ( Texas)

Who? What? With J.J. Hickson traded to the Sacramento Kings,Thompson is the new kid on the block.

5. Jonas Valanciunas Toronto Raptors ( Lithuania)

This 19 year old 7-foot center is a great rebounder, who is very athletic. But unfortunately, he probably want play in the NBA until 2013 due to the NBA buyout clause.

6. Jan Vesely Washington Wizards ( Serbia)

This is the player John Wall wanted as a teammate. Many people compare his style of play to that of former NBA baller Chris Chambers.

7. Bismack Biyombo Charlotte Bobcats ( Spain)

He is a 6-foot-9, 243 pound center with a 7-foot-7 wing span with very little offensive ability. The questionable draft picks of Michael Jordan continues. He is a gambling man. The people in Charlotte will have to wait to see if this draft pick pans out.

8. Brandon Knight Detroit Pistons ( Kentucky Wildcats)

He is a very young point guard with great potential but this is a grown man’s game. And the city of Detroit is a tough place to live and play. Therefore, young Knight better start watching some old Isiah Thomas tapes for inspiration.

9. Kimba Walker Charlotte Bobcats ( Connecticut)

The Queen City has 2011 NCAA Football Champion in Cam Newton as their potential starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. Now, they have a 2011 NCAA Basketball champion in Kimba Walker as their starting point guard for the Charlotte Bobcats. Michael Jordan finally got it right with this selection because Walker has the heart of a champion.

10. Jimmer Fredette Sacramento Kings (BYU)

Let Jimmer Fever begin! Because he is a “Shoot first; ask questions later” type of player. But are there enough basketballs to pass around in Sacramento? Remember, the Kings have Tyrkee Evans and DeMarcus Cousins on the team?


Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors ( Washington St.)

New head coach Mark Jackson predicted the Warriors will make the playoffs this season. Well, with the selection of Klay Thompson, the Warriors are one step closer to reaching their goal.

12. Alec Burks Utah Jazz ( Colorado)

13. Markieff Morris Phoenix Suns ( Kansas)

Does selecting a twin guarantee a win? Because the Sun is setting in Phoenix, and Steve Nash and Grant Hill are getting older.

14. Marcus Morris Houston Rockets ( Kansas)

15. Kawhi Leonard San Antonio Spurs ( San Diego State)

16. Nikola Vucevic Philadelphia 76ers (USC)

He’s no Moses Malone, but he can play. With that said, “Welcome to the City of Brotherly Love.”

17. Iman Shumpert New York Knicks (Georgia Tech)

Spike Lee didn’t look to happy about this pick. Neither did the other Boo-ing New York fans.

18. Chris Singleton Washington Wizards ( Florida State)

Defense. Defense. Defense. Defense.