MLB Realignment Part Three

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 31, 2011

OAKLAND, CA (BASN)—The Four Wise men (I mean the Four Commissioners of Major League Sports) now have the opportunity to realign and improve their leagues.

Divisions and conferences might look different in the future. I have taken it upon myself to help save the four leagues money, travel expenses, gas prices, enhance local rivalries, and provide early local television time.

Now it’s Commissioner Bud Selig turn, yes number 31’s and baseball could be more exciting if they would make some major changes. Let’s have some fun with this and just imagine what could happen.

Here are the ten immediate changes needed

1) Create a new division (South)

2) Four Division Winners and NOOOOOO Wild Card

3) Create a balanced schedule

4) End intra-league play. That’s what the World Series is about.

5) The All-Star Game returns to an exhibition game and will not count in the World Series for home field advantage.

6) The implementation of instant replay on very close plays

7) Have the Designated Hitter (DH) in both leagues or drop it all together.

8) Keep the drug testing program in place

9) The elimination of artificial surfaces

10) Established a hard salary cap like the National Football League

Major League Baseball seems to drag its foot on everything and they will drag there collective feet on this too. Anything that makes sense, baseball will do the exact opposite. Young Americans are not watching this game because it will not modernize.

Jackie Robinson broke the color-line in the spring of 1947. Major League Baseball came kicking and screaming to let African Americans re-enter the game. Robinson was awarded the Rookie of the Year that very same year playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Larry Doby became the first American League Black player with the Cleveland Indians. Dan Bankhead was the first Black pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.

The league needs to improve its African American involvement. In the 1970’s the World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates fielded a team of nine starting Black Latinos and African Americans for the playoffs and World Series. This happened with Dock Ellis or Blue Moon Odem pitching and Manny Sanguillen catching. MLB fielded a high of 35% African Americans in the decade of the 1970’s, today it employees under 8%.

The New York Mets became the first expansion franchise of the 1960’s to win the World Series in 1969. The Mets defeated the Baltimore Orioles formerly the St. Louis Browns 4 games to 2. The Baltimore Orioles made repeated trips to the World Series during the 70’s decade.

The major leagues crossed the northern boarders to Canada with the Montreal Expos and Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays were the first team outside of the United States to win the World Series and wom again one year later with manager Cito Gaston. The First Black-Latino skipper to do so.

The Expos are the last team in the majors to relocate in 2005 to Washington D.C. They became the Nationals a third team in our nation’s capitol.

The two leagues finally legally merged in 2000 after many years after having a different set of rules. They even had two umpiring unions, different protective gear, and the way they covered home plate. This was changed after the 2000 season they are now one umpiring union.

The Seattle Pilots/Milwaukee Brewers are the only team in the majors that changed leagues from American to National in 1994 after the expansions of both leagues

In order for this new alignment to work MLB will have to add two more teams, one each in the Southern Divisions.

* denotes new alignment

American League National League

East East

New York Yankees New York Mets

Boston Red Sox Phila. Phillies

Toronto Blue Jays *Pitts. Pirates

Balti. Orioles Wash. Nationals

Central Central

Cleve. Indians Cinn. Reds

Det. Tigers St. Louis Cards

Chi. White Sox Chi. Cubs

Minn. Twins Milw. Brewers

*South *South

Texas Rangers Houston Astros

Tampa Bay Rays Atlanta Braves

Colo. Rockies Fla. Marlins

West West

Los Ang. Angels San Fran Giants

Seat. Mariners Los Ang. Dodgers

Oakl. A’s San Diego Padres

Kansas City Royals Ariz. D-Backs

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