Men’s tennis is still alive

By Richard Kent BASN Tennis Writer
Updated: July 3, 2011
Newport, Rhode Island
After just getting back from the Newport ATP event,I took a look at the WTT and senior events of July,September and October and came to the realization that tennis had a far better look in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s than now.
No offense to the current players,but outside of Federer,Djokovic and Nadal there is little to cheer about on the men’s side.
Juxtapose that against Agassi,Sampras,Courier,Connors and McEnroe and there is a real contrast. those guys made and continue to make it interesting on and off the court.Rivalries. Antagonism. Colorful personalities.
Sure there is not event in this country like the US Open,but that is more about the event than the players.

Stops like Washington,DC,Philadelphia and Boston.You will have an opportunity to watch Agassi play and perhaps hit with him in advance.

There are some who would argue that McEnroe could team with let’s say a Max Mirnyi type and win an ATP 250 doubles tournament. Not so far fetched. The reflexes and serve are still there and he is in great shape.
Men’s tennis is still alive,but it may be in smaller venues in which fans can participate,etc.