Here Comes The Hater Volume 50

By Eric D.Graham
Updated: July 18, 2011

1. Do you think you are a good sports writer?

Yes. But I would be an even better sports writer, if I had a good sports editor to correct my mistakes.

2. Do you like playing soccer?

No, I rather play kick-ball, instead.

3. What would Michael Jackson say if he saw Sammy Sosa?

I can’t believe he did that to his face.

4. Did you see Michael Irvin on the cover of OUT magazine?

No, I didn’t see Michael Irvin on the cover of OUT magazine because I am not gay and I don’t read gay magazines.

5. What is your Super Bowl prediction?

Cam Newton will lead the Carolina Panthers to the Super Bowl, where the Panthers will defeat the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow, 42 to 14.

6. Should Jim Thome be in the MLB Hall of Fame?

Sure, anybody who can hit more than 600 homeruns without taking steroids should be in the MLB Hall of Fame.

7. Are you being recruited by the University of Duke to play basketball?

No, I am not being recruited by Duke University but all of these college recruiters sound worst than a used car salesmen.

8. Golf or Putt-Putt?


9. What advice do you have for tell Harry Potter?

Be careful, there are a lot of witches out there.

10. Have you seen the television show Marriage Ref?

Yes, I have seen the television show Marriage Ref and have decided that I want to be single.

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