By Eric D.Graham
Updated: July 6, 2011

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) 1. Are you a surfer?

Yes, I am a surfer and my motto is “Surf or Die”

2. Why don’t you like Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban?

I don’t like Mark Cuban because he is not Cuban.

3. Who is your favorite comedian?

Tracey Morgan…..

4. Should the Los Angeles Lakers build Kareem Abdul Jabbar a statue outside the Staples Center?

Of course, they should give Kareem a statue, If ABC gave Magic Johnson a job as a sports commentator, they can give Kareem a statue.

5.What do you want to tell IMF president Dominique Strauss-Khan?

Now, you have to pay your debt to society

6. Did you see Roy Jones Jr. get knocked out by Russian cruiserweight Denis Lebedev?

Yes. I saw the fight and Roy Jones Jr. “MUST HAVE FORGOT” how to fight.

7. Do you know who Seth Wesott is?

Of Course, I know who Seth Wescott is? But he can’t ski better than me…

8. Are you happy Plaxico Burress is out of jail?

Yes. I am happy that Plaxico Burress is out of jail but I’m not going to jump in his arms like his agent Drew Rosenhouse.

9. Did you see Stephen A.Smith versus Skip Bayless on ESPN 1st and Ten?

No. I was locked in my bathroom, sitting on the toilet, reading some of my uncle’s old jet magazines.

10. Do you think the United States should legalize drugs?

No. The United States should not legalize drugs. Because I never want to look like Rock-N-Rock legend Keith Richards.

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