Despaigne and Peterson wins

Updated: July 31, 2011

Yoranis Despaigne

Yoranis Despaigne

IOWA CITY IOWA, (BASN)—Yoranis Despaigne had lost his previous bout against the undefeated prospect Ismayl Silakh by a unanimous decision and he faced the former Super Middleweight and Middleweight contender, Edison Miranda. Miranda previous losses were to champions and Despaigne was taking a step up even from his previous opponents

Like many Cuban fighters, Despaigne became a professional with hundreds of amateur fights but he was now facing a tough fighter with only nine professional fights on his resume. Say what you want to say, many Cuban fighters don’t take the easy route to contender status but face tough competitions early. This would be a battle between a classic Cuban boxer versus a tough slugger.

In the opening round Despaigne boxing skills showed up immediately as his hands were quicker than Miranda and by the end of the round, a Despaigne combination stunned Miranda.

In the second round, Despaigne continued domination as he continued to pile up points but as ESPN Ted Atlas observed, Miranda had no intention of winning a decision but winning by knock out. In the middle of the round, Despaigne nailed Miranda with a four punch combination that included two solid left hooks. Miranda finally connected on an uppercut near the end of round but Despaigne punctuated the round with sharp combination.

Miranda had already been warned for a low blow but in the third round, he lost a point deduction for his second low blow and the fourth round saw Despaigne nail Miranda with a solid five punch combinations. Miranda moved his head at the end of the exchange but he kept his hand low as he attempted to intimidate Despaigne. Despaigne continued to connect on his punches as Miranda mugged for the crowd.

Miranda went on the offense with a series of body shots along one low blow in the fifth round. The referee disqualified Miranda just as Miranda started to get into the fight. While there is no doubt the blow was low but there was more than enough evidence that his head was being held down so the low blow was inadvertent. This may have been a situation where past reputation hurt and Miranda has had a reputation for delivering low blows in the past.

Regardless, Despaigne won a big fight and for the first five rounds, was the easy victor. He showed that maybe he does have what it takes to be a contender among light heavyweights.

In the main event Victor Manuel Cayo fought Lamont Peterson. Peterson only lost was to Tim Bradley for Bradley’s version of the junior welterweight title. Peterson needed to pressure Cayo and Cayo wanted to fight on the outside. Over the first six rounds, the fight was even as Cayo on occasion kept the fight in the middle of round and his quicker hands allowed him to score.

Peterson managed to up the ante as he increased the pressure over the second half, which allowed him to slow Cayo down. Throughout the second half, Peterson nailed Cayo with solid combinations that occasionally stunned Cayo. Cayo showed guts as he fought back but he failed to control the real estate.

The fight ended in the twelfth round when Peterson trapped Cayo against rope as he nailed Cayo with solid combinations that forced Cayo to his knees. Cayo, exhausted and beaten, failed to beat the count as Peterson won an important fight. Peterson showed his strength as his combinations were sharp and accurate but there were times that he failed to jab his way in and there were times that he simply played defense; allowing Cayo off the hook and last until the final round.

Peterson is now in position for another big fight against a leading junior welterweight, maybe Amir Khan and if Khan moves up or finds a way to fight Bradley; maybe Peterson gets a chance to win a title.