Borg-Mc Enroe? Tonight in New York City

By Richard Kent, BASN Tennis columnist
Updated: July 14, 2011

NEW YORK, NYBorg-McEnroe? Tonight in New York City at 7pm. Not possible. Very possible and true.

They will meet at Randall’s Island in WTT. A few tickets still remain.

It is considered the greatest rivalry in men’s professional tennis. Maybe the greatest individual sports rivalry ever. Only Ali-Frazier, Palmer-Nicklaus can really challenge it and Nicklaus,at ten years younger had the better of that rivalry.

Borg won 9 of the 16 matches between the two and the last in 1983 in Japan,but his two losses to McEnroe in 1981 at Wimbledon and the US Open drove him out of tennis.

In 1980 Borg and McEnroe played probably the greatest match ever at Wimbledon with Borg prevailing.

Borg was no. 1 well forever and owned the French and Wimbledon.He never won the Australian and the US Open and his last match against McEnroe in New York City was a full 30 years ago.

Sure WTT is not the Open,but both men want the win more than anything.

They will play singles against each other and may also face off in doubles and mixed doubles in this unique format developed by Billie Jean King.

Borg will play for Philadelphia and McEnroe for New York which also sports former no. 1 Martina Hingis.

The US Open,the greatest sporting event in the world starts not far away from Randall’s Island,but you won’t be seeing Borg-McEnroe. As a matter of fact tonight will probably be their last meeting in New York City as Borg does not travel much to the United States to play.