Arizona New No Fly Zone Part Four

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: July 3, 2011

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

OAKLAND, CA—Arizona Governor Jan Brewer went one step further last year signing State Senate Bill HB 2281 eliminating Ethnic Studies in high schools, specifically Latino-Mexican American Studies.

She stated that these classes unfairly demeans white American culture and promotes ethnic chauvinism. Wait a second, is this not what other minorities in the United States had to deal with in American schools in silence the last 300 years. African-Americans know more about England, France, and Germany then their own homeland of Africa. Minorities have been unfairly demeaned for years in American schools, so what is Governor Brewer talking about?

In the Constitution of the United States of America

AMENDMENT XIV- Civil Rights states

‘Section 1. All Persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.’

The state of Arizona will be defying Amendment XIV of the U.S. Constitution when they arrest a naturalized Latino-American in 2011 under the new 1070 immigration law.

In February of 2011, the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) title game was played in Glendale, Arizona at the University of Phoenix Stadium. There is a question whether this southwest border state deserved the profits from this game?

Arizona politicians were rewarded for writing laws that racially profile certain groups? The residents of Arizona profited from the hard work of minority residents in the Grand Canyon State?

The Insight Bowl at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe on December 31, 2010 ended the pre BCS Bowls on New Years Eve. This game was free television advertising for tourism in the southwest state.

The State of Arizona financially gained profits from the misfortunes of individuals that have supported the state with their manual labor? Every advertiser that supported this game in Arizona should feel the economic fury from sports fans by not buying their products.

On January 2011 another bowl game was played in the state of Arizona.

The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, in Glendale began the yearly BCS Bowl Championship Series, in 2011. It would have been wonderful to see an empty stadium with only the football players, coaches, and officials on the field.

The Pac-10 Conference has two members in the State of Arizona.

This list below show the profits made after bowl games and why the state of Arizona should not share in these profits.

Here are the BCS bowl profits and averages per team for the last two years.

They’re what my BASN colleagues call the “Five Familys”.


2007-08: Profit — $19,263,649, Average/Team – $1.6 Million

2008-09: Profit — $18,765,375, Average/Team – $1.56 Million

Big East

2007-08: Profit — $14,197,021, Average/Team – $1.77 Million

2008-09: Profit — $15,526,656, Average/Team – $1.94 Million

Big Ten

2007-08: Profit — $24,394,305, Average/Team – $2.2 Million

2008-09: Profit — $23,846,330, Average/Team – $2.17 Million

Big 12

2007-08: Profit — $21,706,427, Average/Team – $1.81 Million

2008-09: Profit — $22,521,061, Average/Team – $1.88 Million


2007-08: Profit — $17,647,012, Average/Team – $1.76 Million

2008-09: Profit — $18,766,786, Average/Team – $1.88 Million


2007-08: Profit — $28,991,720, Average/Team – $2.42 Million

2008-09: Profit — $28, 362,667, Average/Team – $2.36 Million

The 2009-2010 profits will be reviled in August 2011.

the Question should be asked

Should these Arizona schools and the state be entitled to Pac-10’s BCS profits if they continue to violate their own state’s citizens Civil Rights?

If the state of Arizona recieves Federal funding, the city, county, or state cannot discrimate. The state of Arizona will violate this law if they arrest any person of Latino desent that may have citizens papers.

The 1070 Immigaration Law leaves the legal door wide open for abuse and misuse by the police, judges, and political oppontees.

Send Major League Baseball a message Do not support this year’s All Star Game in Arizona July 12, 2011


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