The Williams Sisters

By Richard Kent BASN Tennis Writer
Updated: June 25, 2011
Serena and Venus...
so good.

Serena and Venus... so good.

CONNECTICUT—Is it that they are so good or that woman’s tennis is so bad. Probably a combination of both. But the Williams sisters are back again at Wimbledon. Their home.
They have won 8 out of the last 10 Wimbledons.

Lofty numbers.

Serena faced a near death experience with a blood clot and Venus has been injured.
Have they put in the practice time to make it into the second week. Probably not,but the obstacles are few and far between for these tremendous American athletes. And we do mean American. After all,without them American women’s tennis is non-existent and will be for years. Far too many Americans aren’t willing to put in the time that tennis requires and are gravitating towards other,less time consuming sports.
Can either Serena or Venus win it this year?Sure, one of them can. Don’t count on a Williams Final though.Too tough.
What is interesting and a bit galling is why the authorities that be in tennis relegate them to court 2 so often and the indignities of that long walk when in reality most of their matches should be played on Center Court.

They are too classy and well schooled in image to complain,but they do drop hints at press conferences.

Other players notice as well. Andy Roddick for one can’t figure it out.Maybe it is their lower rankings or some anti-American bias.It’s not like there are other stars,other than Maria Sharapova in the women’s game.
Tennis needs the Williams sisters and American tennis especially needs them.How much longer will they play? That is their call and they are leaving no hints in London. But one thing is for almost certain.

They will go out on their terms. And don’t think for a second that we won’t be seeing one or both of them hoisting another Wimbledon trophy. They are simply too good.