By Eric D. Graham BASN columnist
Updated: June 15, 2011

Lord of the Ring less

Lord of the Ring less

NORTH CAROLINA—(BASN) If you can’t handle the HEAT, don’t come to Miami.

With a sweat-drenched jersey, desperation and disappointment covered his face.

On an island of isolation, he seemed to be having a mental meltdown with the basketball in his hand.

The “Ringless King” had become of victim of his own vanity.

And despite all the hoopla, he was humbled by defeat.

Frustrated fans were shocked by his lackadaisical playoff performance.

Barber shop conspiracy theories began brewing. And rumors ran rampant on the internet.

But there was no explanation.

Why? Because this was his second chance for redemption.

Unfortunately, he had been compared to Michael Jordan, but ended up playing like a passive Scottie Pippen in the playoffs.

His “Decision” had become “Indecisive.”

He had left Cleveland to come to Miami, but he looked as if he was drowning in South Beach.

He was supposed to be a lifeguard, but he couldn’t guard his own life from all the hatred and criticism.

Maybe all the hate and the “HEAT” got to him?

Because even with help, he seemed helpless.

He looked “lost” even before he lost.

With a blank stare, he seemed to have blanked out.

It was as if someone had jacked his swagger and stolen his soul.

And shockingly, the one, they called the Lion King was heartless after half-time.

Even during crunch-time, he looked confused on the court.

He seemed to be having an anxiety attack but he wouldn’t attack the rim.

He looked as if he was panicking under pressure.

The Chosen One,in fact, became the Frozen One.

Because he performed late night twits but no last second jump shots.

His nail-biting nervousness, in fact, seemed to destroy his natural rhythms.

As a result, he played as if he had two left feet, dancing slightly off beat.

And in the final seconds, he seemed to be sightseeing.

He seemed to disappear in the distance with long distance jump-shots, hiding from the spotlight and the highlights.

He was missing in action after missing shot after shot.

Sadly, there was no clutch gene and no championship ring.

Because he had entered the playoffs with no exit stragedy and no killer instincts.

As a result, he ended up wounded in the end.

He, in fact, looked like a person trying to slam a revolving door. In other words, he couldn’t close the game. And even though, Dirk coughed during the press conference, he choked during the game.

It was a beautiful catastrophe with no trophy and no happy ending.

And as God is my witness, I saw it all.

And in the land of the blind, the man with one eye is King.

Just ask the Dallas Maverick’s Deshawn Stevenson after hitting another three-pointer?