Terrell Pryor; A Scapegoat For A Industry gone wild . . .

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: June 19, 2011

DENVER, CO—(BASN) So let me see if I grasp the complexities of the Terrell Pryor saga; The kid is now officially a registered a “thug” because he got tattoo’s for free, fat-cat boosters provided him with sports car that he was wheeling-around on with a suspended license, and he sold his personal gear and awards for cold cash. A gangster/thug/hoodlum . . . really? I’d submit he’s been a marked-man since . . . he decided to be an football signal caller, just opting to play quarterback is deemed “uppity.” Pryor’s still being snipered because he rationalized and defended Mike Vick back in the midst of Dog-gate. Pryor, like millions of others believed Vick was being lynched, in-part, because of who n’ what Vick was – an uppity Black man playing a spot reserved for stature like White dudes. That’s when the sportswriter and fans quickly determined . . . he didn’t know his place. Don’t ever marginalize the fact once you tell “the man” you don’t believe his hype, pronounce to the world that he’s full of bull-chips . . he never forgets. McNabb is living proof of that. He told the truth about the different standards in the NFL and he’s paid-a-price ever since, he went from good negro to typical uppity . . . .instantly. But we meander . . . Pryor, upon declaring himself eligible for the NFL plantation owners, sportswriters across the nation have weighed in; the young man doesn’t have the mental capacity to play the QB position in the NFL. . . . Surprise, surprise, surprise! Furthermore, he ought to go to the minors to sharpen his thinking-skills or merely do everyone a favor and remove himself from the Field General slot . . . enter the league in a non-thinking position like Receiver. Understand, accept, embrace his assigned position. Now of-course these offensive observations and proclamations are perculating out of places like Yahoo sports, AOL sports, ESPN, FOX Sports, i.e., everyplace where conservative white-male writers predominate a journalistic work-force which reports on America’s pastimes – major sports predominated by Afro-Americans and people-of-color. Us folks who appear to be the sworn enemies of White men . . . true enough? The Republican Tea Party, the official home of White men is the safe-house for half-mad White men, correct? The GOP is anti-Black, anti-Americans-of-Color, and there’s no real lingering question about that. Ever since this President stepped into the Oval Office all doubt about the blind racism harbored by the Right has been removed. We’re seeing it in politics and we’re seeing it in sports; what is it? Ol’fashion, All-American White hatred. Unbridled and unchecked redneck racism bubblin’ back to the top of the American stew. But let’s move on; You ever notice how there’s not one Black QB in the NFL who’s regarded as “smart” by the legions of White sports writers . . . not one. And there never has been; Doug Williams was never regarded as intelligent nor was Warren Moon. Randall Cunningham, Jeff Blake, Dante Culpepper, pick one, any one . . . and we’re all dummies. Nor need we forget there’s but a Hobbit’s handful of Black coordinators and head coaches in the NFL – and the numbers are still pathetic considering how Blacks prediminate and dominate the gridiron. The NCAA and NFL landscape can only be so barren and void of color – because it’s designed that way, set-up that way. I’m sorry, but I don’t buy the Niggers can’t fly planes, trains, automobiles, submarines or spaceships perspective; Black folks have-been depicted as dumb asses – by most of White America for the last 4 centuries . . . so, there’s no argument about it, we’ve beaten all the odds, odds created and reinforced by Rednecks – because of our hearts and minds. Well have the mainstream American establishment tell it – we’re not smart enough. Morris down in Tampa is too young and emotional, as was Herman Edwards too emotional while lacking the cerebral depth to be a head coach. Dungy didn’t grasp offenses despite being an All American colligiate QB . . . was too low-key, soft n’ weak, and not too bright, as is Lovie Smith,. Denny Green not smart enough, not enough of an disciplinarian . . . I’d submit, in reality the glaring fault they all have is they’re all too, too Black for the Good Ol’ boys over at Bleacher Report, too Black for a paranoid, hostile, angry White male fan-base and clearly too Black for the elitist aristocratic cartel that is the NFL owner’s country club. To be both sharp n’ bluntl, I believe a significant slice of the White male sports writers across this country are penning pieces strategically crafted to be insulting and slighting of Blacks. The sports press regularly spits in the face of Black America, just as AM hate talk radio does, FOX News and all the rest – its a tried and true tactic, premeditated and deliberate in its insulting nature. It’s a nice way of calling us “dumb-ass gangster niggers.” That’s exactly what the message boards say on all the sports media websites . . . and we all know it, we all see and scroll through them. The racism there presents the undisputed truth’s editors can’t cut out. Terrell Pryor, based on common sense, has not committed any illegal acts which could be compared to Brett Favre, Roger Clemons, Lance Armstrong or George Bush. He appears to have higher character and moral fiber then these gentlemen. He’s not cheated on a cancer stricken wife nor condemned thousands to death in the pursuit of Black gold, Texas Tea, as Big George Bush n’ little Dick Cheney have. Nor has Pryor injected Thor juice into his ass so he could compete. It’s stunning the selective moral outrage that these hypocritical duplicate sportswriters and sportsfans reserve for Black players coupled with their ability to see no evil, hear no evil nor the devil forbid speak any evil of Great White Hopes. And somehow in all this – Jim Tressel, former Buckeye boss is the victim. He was somehow coerced into turning a blind eye n’ death ear to the real world of NCAA Football. Tressel may have – like thousands of White male classroom teachers across America – have no control over his classroom . . . he can’t garner the respect of his men, but that’s got as much to do with unruly players as it does with college teams picking not the best leader of men – but the cat who the alumni are comfortable with. So oddly, despite Tressel making millions off cats like Maurice Clarette and Pryor. . . he’s the guy who got shafted. Are you kidding me! Please, this cat was at the helm, captain of the RMS Buckeye, the buck halts with him, not flat broke, poverty stricken 19 year old man-cubs. Tressel, like all NCAA coaches at that top tier . . . they one n’ all understand what’s going on behind the scenes – they know what the competition is offering Blue Chip Recruits, and he knows what his own boosters are boostin’. These writers and fans crying make-believe tears for Tressel, as if the players sabotaged the collegiate game and betrayed saints like Tressel are not blind, no instead they’ve got a beef with the Black players who behave like Bobby Layne, Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth and all the characters of sports folk lore. When a White dude is sure of himself, well that’s one neat thing. However, when a Black person is sure of their abilities, skills, tools and capabilities . . . it bothers most White folks, its as if they either shake in their loafers are a flame ignites under their asses . . . it’s got something to do with guilt n’ fear. Cam Newton, by saying he wanted to become a successful, wealthy QB in the NFL. – that sentiment has sent White guys out of their cotton pickin’ minds. How dare this boy assume he can waltz in and play QB in the pros. Terrell Pryor, by partaking in the sideshow which is NCAA division 1 ball . . . he’s now a gangster. That’s what local law enforcement across America says when they execute young Americans of color . . . oh, he was a know gangster . . . we thought he had a weapon. Pryor is a threat, as is all Black Field Generals, a definite threat to the last bastion of manhood white guys still have in major sports, and so fans and writers,as the self appointed protectors of the good ol days, of the heroes of the last century – are determined to turn ’round any Black man threatening this so-called monopoly on alpha maleness. Sorry boys, men like Vick, McNabb, Young, Gerrard and Freemen are men who ain’t gonna let no rednecks with fountain pens or a season ticket turn-them ’round. I’m hoping like Vick has done, Terrell Pryor makes these racist bastards eat crow. .