Straight . . . No Chaser: Serena, Venus . . . Tiger – Are They Down n’ Out?

By Desi Cortez BASN Columnist
Updated: June 28, 2011

DENVER, CO.—Wow, Venus, Serena and Tiger, down n’ out?
Might not only Tiger Wood’s reign of dominance be sputtering, done, over? End of an era? But now there’s a light on in every American hamlet – now that a glowing hope, a Great White Hope, the young Irish lad, Rory Mc. has shown he’s the touch n’ nerve to dethrone a somewhat dejected, declawed, defanged, possibly already defeated Tiger, and yes! . . . take back the game of of golf.
But now, perhaps with both the Williams ladies simultaneously existing at Wimbeldon we’re wittnessing their run over, through and around Ladies Pro Tennis come to an early halt . . . ? The “Whites Only” signs can officially now unofficially, gleefully be hammered back up. “Oh happy days are here again,” all is back in its rightful, proper place. A few sports fans, a midgets handful perhaps might not get it, however both Venus and Serena well-understand they’ve been begrudgingly accepted into the tennis world, they recognize the contempt, disdain, disrespect and hostility still held towards them in many quarters – simply and merely because they’re black ladies in a White country club sport. But the game, it’s aristocratic rooted fan-base, as well as the “just watchin'” Rednecks, have , let’s say struggled with the Williams sisters . . . Blackness. The Williams sister’s two-decade long rocky, jagged relationship with the tennis world has been an on-going, never ending graphic display of ism’s – sexism, racism and classism; these primal prejudices are at home, comfortable in the country clubs which host the tournaments and at home within the hearts n’ minds of sports fans. These women, from day one have represented an slice of the American Pie White America is not comfortable with . . . Black America. And perhaps more then anything else, they had strong parents, a father who was trusting nor accommodating of White folks. That’s all it takes. Pops, Richard Williams was so-very serious, straight out of the 213, land-of-the-body-bag, wanna die? Wear the wrong color rag”. Dad was rightfully, righteously furious . . and that has forever branded these two women in the eyes of many, many White folks. Plain n’ simple . . . they’re marked women.
They continue to pay-a-price for having a strong Black man as a father.
Their father’s Black manhood was, and remains too-much for everyday White folks to stomach. He’s long been branded crazy, uppity, angry, ungrateful and paranoid – the traditional, typical labellings of Black men who think like Red Men . . . the Great White Father speaks with a fork-tongue. See, everyone has always understood the larger picture here, these two women didn’t knock on the country club door . . . they kicked the sum- bitch in, started taking Barbie doll’s names n’ whuppin narrow elitist ass, that type of audacious power coupled with the Compton mentality and “urban” appearance has just been too much for mainstream White folks . . . across the planet, including parts of the US motherland, Europe to accept.

Thus the disrespect she was just shown by the tennis establishment and the fans. So when Serena is speaking in tongues, pre-historic Tahitian, trying not to call a cracker, a cracker, cause she’s knows when a spade is being treated like a spade . . . especially when shes one of the spades . . . I realize Serena and Venus realize . . . White folks are watching, she must package, wrap n’ bow-tie her words as to not offend easily offended White folks living in denial . . . she must make-believe the moon’s made of cheese just to please Mr. n’ Ms. Insecure Delusional. “They like to put us on Court 2, me and Venus, for whatever reason. I haven’t figured it out yet. Maybe one day we’ll figure it out. I don’t know. I think at some point maybe I should. I just really try to focus on not going down on Court 2.” The powers which be replied Match scheduling at Wimbledon is a complex business and involves the referee and his experienced team in trying to achieve a fair and balanced draw from many competing interests and wishes, including the players. There is certainly no intention to favor any player or players, and in this instance I am sure the 4,000 spectators on No. 2 Court would have been delighted to see our reigning ladies’ champion win.” It’s all over n’ done now that both are out of the competition, however Serena’s concerns are justified – the game of ladies Tennis would like you and your sister to tuck your tails and turn, hell half of them believe you have tails. I doubt neither of you will give these . . . folks the pleasure. Let’s cut the crap; America, certain conservative segments have had enough of this diversity and inclusion; about 3-in-4 want to return to separate and unequal – 1951 – where real Americans had an unequivocal vice-grip on the tools required to obtain the American Dream and live that carefree, secure lifestyle, like having your daughters pick-up the game of tennis so one day they can redefine the sport.

And they’ve enough of the Williameses and Tiger.