Shobox Friday results

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: June 11, 2011

Art Hovhannisyan, Archie Ray Marquez

Art Hovhannisyan, Archie Ray Marquez

IOWA CITY, IOWA—Art Hovhannisyan fought Archie Ray Marquez in the opening bout of a Shobox Friday triple header. Both fighters started fast even though Hovhannisyan stated in pre fight interview that he would use the first round as a feeling out bout. Hovhannisyan had the first hard punches of the bout with a two solid rights and near the end of the round; Hoyhannisyan nailed Marquez with a solid left hook.

In the second round, Hovhannisyan tried to suck Marquez in a brawl and over the last 30 seconds, both fighters did brawl as they both threw both solid punches but the best punch was a Hovhannisyan’s right uppercut. Hovhannisyan scored a flash knockdown with a solid right but Marquez was up quickly and didn’t look worse for wear.

Hovhannisyan continued to press the action as he took control of the fight and in the fifth round, he nearly had Marquez out but over the last minute, Hovhannisyan looked tired from his previous assault including a third knockdown. Marquez now found himself with three 10-8 against him and knew that he needed a knockout to win.

Hovhannisyan ended the bout with another right hand that sent Marquez’s eyes back in his socket. As Showtime Steve Farhood observed, Marquez was out before he hit the ground and he was on the ground for a few minutes. Hovhannisyan dominated this fight from the first punch and simply overpowered Marquez, whose defensive skills proved lacking.

In the second bout, Chris Avalos faced Khabir Suleymanov, who came in as a substitute. Avalos knocked down Suleymanov as they both moved off break in the first round. Suleymanov forgot boxing golden rule, always protect yourself. Suleymanov showed boxing skills in the second round as he moved in and out to give Avalos some trouble.

In the third round, Suleymanov moved all over the ring and started to frustrate Avalos but a Avalos right down Suleymanov but Avalos lost a point when he hit Suleymanov after the knockdown.

Over the next two rounds, it was a wild affair as both fighters winged punches at each other with Avalos punches a littler stronger but he was getting hit from wide Suleymanov shots.

In the eighth round, Avalos got the better of exchanges and with two rounds left, he was ahead in points. Suleymanov may have his best round in the ninth as he moved from all angles while connecting on several combinations. Avalos toned down his aggressiveness in the tenth and final round as Suleymanov tried to get a knockout but Avalos managed to hold off the Russian’s charges to win an easy decision.

In the final bout featured Matt Godfrey against Cruiserweight Lateef Kayode, the knockout prospect. Godfrey had fought for a title and already fought top ten competition for this would be the undefeated Kayode. Throughout the first round Kayode chased Godfrey, who did very little movement and this lack of movement allowed Kayode to catch Godfrey with a right hand that sent Godfrey down. Godfrey got up and went to the corner.

Over the next two rounds, Godfrey punches did little to deter Kayode and Kayode continued to pursue with some nasty shots, including two rights that shook Godfrey off the rope.

The fourth round saw Kayode nail Godfrey with more solid shots as punches penetrated Godfrey’s defenses but Godfrey managed to hit Kayode with two solid lefts that appear to hurt Kayode. Kayode knocked down Godfrey at the minute mark of the fifth round and from that point, Kayode nailed with several big shots; going through Godfrey defenses.

Kayode continued his assault on Godfrey in the sixth and seventh round as Godfrey movement slowed down and his only chance over the final three rounds was whether Kayode would run out of steam. In the ninth round, Godfrey hit the canvas as a result of a body shot in the opening seconds and even did little jawing against Kayode but Kayode simply ignored Godfrey and continued punching. Over the last three minutes of the fight, Kayode wanted the big knockout and winged punches as he trapped Godfrey on the rope. While Kayode fail to get his knockout, he looked impressive against a legitimate top ten fighter and championship contender.