Prospect night on ESPN, Dulorme shows his stuff

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: June 11, 2011

DeMarcus “Chop Chop” Corley

DeMarcus “Chop Chop” Corley

IOWA CITY, IOWA-–At the age of 37, DeMarcus “Chop Chop” Corley faced a young fighter on the rise in Tom Dulorme, who had 10 knockouts in eleven wins. Corley job was to be the wily veteran challenging the undefeated Dulorme but Corley wanted to be more than a veteran prop for Dulorme’s career advancement but to win. Corley pressed the action in the first two rounds but Dulorme showed some veterans move as he slipped the pressure. In what was a close third round, Corley threw a long right but a Dulorme left hook perfectly place sent Corley to the canvas. Corley managed to survive the fourth round but he got nailed with couple of big shots in that round.

In the fifth and sixth round, Dulorme controlled the pace of the fight by using his jab and occasional right hand. Dulorme seemed satisfied to throw one or two punches at a time but as the rounds progressed; Corley was doing less as he threw one punch here and one punch there. Corley showed some defensive skills of his own as he dipped and avoiding getting nailed by some vicious Tom Dulorme left hook in middle of the bout.

In the ninth round, Dulorme became more aggressive as he decided over the first two minutes to try to stop Corley but Corley’s guile for survival allowed him to blunt Dulorme’s advances. Dulorme continued his assault in the tenth round and landed a nasty right with a minute left in the fight but Corley took the punch. Dulorme coasted home for an easy decision.

Kenny Galarza fought Irving Garcia in an all Puerto Rica main event and Garica used his jab as a range finder as he kept his distance in the opening round. Going into the third round, Galarza continued jabbing and keeping his distance but Garcia occasionally threw big punches as Galarza fought conservatively. After five rounds, the fight looked more like a chess match than a boxing match. Garcia threw his best punch of the fight with time running out in the sixth as he nailed Galarza that sent sweat everywhere. Galarza threw a punch on the break as the bell sounded.

Garcia connected on several big rights near the end of the seventh round including a double right. Galarza right eye started to swell due to those Garcia’s right. Garcia right hand took over the previous three or four rounds as Galarza failed to maintain the busier work effort he demonstrated in the first half of the fight. The tenth round saw more Garcia right hands landing on that swollen right eye of Galarza.

Galarza won a split decision in close fashion as two judges gave him six rounds and one judge gave Garcia six rounds in a fight that was close in the ring, on compubox and on the scorecard. Garcia came into the fight having lost three in a row but on this night, he fought smart and frustrated Galarza throughout the second half of the fight. He picked his spots and unleashed his right hands that swelled his opponent right eye. Galarza was the favorite with all of his fourteen wins by knockout but his cautious fight plan and a failure to put combinations together nearly cost him. What he showed on this night that he has much to learn.