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By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 10, 2011

The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

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The Sports media pundits stated the Miami Heat would not win 50 games. The Heat won 52 games this year.

The Pundits stated the new Miami Amigos could not beat the old Boston Celtic Amigos. They did it in five games and beat Boston with defense and key scoring drives in the 4th quarter.

The sports media elite just knew Miami could not beat Derrick Rose and the running gunning Chicago Bulls. The Miami Heat defense once again shut down Chicago clogging the lane and shutting off Rose’s drives to the basket and went on to the National Basketball Association Championship Series.

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh are going for their first championship together against the Dallas Mavericks with Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd. The media intelligential had doubts the Miami Heat could beat the Dallas Mavericks. Wade, Bosh, and James made Dallas work.

LeBron James was the Most Valuable Player in the 2008-09 season and the 2009-2010 season.

Dwyane Wade was the Most Valuable player in the only appearance of the Miami Heat Championship Series in 2005-2006.

It does not matter whether the Miami Heat win or lose this championship series, it still can be called the team of history. They will be called the team that turned the National Basketball Association on it’s collective head.

Last summer LeBron James and ESPN had an hour show raising funds for the City of Cleveland and to tell America where he would be playing in the 2010-2011 season. “The Decision” was South Beach, Florida and the Miami Heat.

What followed could have been called a media driven circus lead by the four letter word network. Cleveland Cavalier fans poured into the streets, burning LeBron James jersey, pictures, and basketballs, cursing his name calling him the new Son of Satan.

The Cleveland Cavalier owner Dan Gilbert called the All Star ungrateful and a trader to the city. What a moment I thought unemployment, crime, schools, and health care would be more important then where Mr. James, a basketball player would be heading the next season. Our nation has become overwhelmed with sports and race.

Free agent LeBron James did everything legal. He had the choice to go anywhere he wanted. James would challenge the N.B. A. and he would challenge the heart and soul of America. This country has cast a critical eye towards young African American males. Critical because they do not carrying the load of responsibility and when one Black male stands up, they are back slapped and criticized by the American public.

Most avid basketball fans do not like the fact that Bosh, James, and Wade took control of their own destiny and wanted to play together for the same team. This event brought out pure venom from basketball fans, media, and the American public as this outstanding team currently plays in the championship round.

After all the media criticisms, this team continued to win with the hate from Cleveland Cavalier fans, and Middle America spewing fowl words at the South Beach basketball team in particular LeBron James. Middle America did not want to see the Miami Heat raise the 2011 NBA Championship banner. Nor do they want to see a victory parade down South Beach, Florida.

The Big three negotiated the majority of their contracts without the Cleveland Cavaliers, or the Toronto Raptors management.

Remember this fete would not have happened if the Miami ownership under General Manager Pat Riley did not give them the green light, like the U.S.S. Starship Enterprise Captain Jean Luc Picard stated many times “MAKE IT SO”.

LeBron James is akin to Michael Jordan he makes his teammates perform better on the floor. James has a bigger stronger body, and longer arms than M.J,. If James ever reaches his full potential may God Bless the NBA because LaBron will be hard to stop on the floor.

Having James in a red or black Miami uniform will make the Heat a very dangerous team. Because it frees up Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to score and concentrate on other issues on the floor like setting up screens for other players and shooting from passes. Wade and Bosh do not have to be the main men every night, Nor James.

The Heat stars can change from day to day and from game to game without skipping a basketball beat. Teams will have to defend all three Amigos and most teams cannot stop all three of them.

The Miami Heat are one of the top five defensive teams in the league and most basketball fans forget how Wade, Bosh, and James play defense. When they are not scoring they are helping the team on the other side of the court, DEFENSE.


Before LeBron James came to the Cleveland Cavaliers they were in last place. Three years later they were in the playoffs, LeBron carried their sorry behinds to the playoffs.

For seven years LeBron James averaged 30 points and 15 rebounds a season and that was still not enough for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Last year the Cleveland Cavaliers won 61 games and won 67 games two years ago. How many did the Cavs win this year? 19. The Cavaliers have been in the Eastern Conference Finals four out of the last six years. They were in the NBA Finals in 2007 losing to the San Antonio Spurs in four games. What more do Cavalier fans want?

LeBron James propelled the team to the Eastern Conference and NBA Finals it was still not enough losing to the more talented Boston Celtics in six games…

So, last summer James made the right decision and left the Cleveland Cavaliers. He may have done it the wrong way, anyone with common sense would have left Cleveland under those circumstances, because the owner did not put a sincere effort to win.

The Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert, continued to put the pieces together for a championship team, so he thought. Meanwhile Mr. Gilbert reaped all the monetary benefits of a winning team. Gilbert received all of the revenues of a record sold out arena at home and on the road. Gilbert’s answer to James request to improve the team was an aging future hall of fame center Shaquille O’Neal, be serious. In 2009-2010 the Cleveland Cavs still did not have a point guard to assist LeBron James bring the ball up the floor.

That meant that James not only had to bring the ball up the floor, he had to set the play up, score the basket and then rebound if he missed .. Wait a moment what the hell (excuse my French) are the other players doing? I thought basketball is a team sport.

Yes, Miami is an improved team, Dywane Wade is a superior player because of number six on the floor but it takes a team to win a championship.

At the present time America and the media corps are still player hating, still spewing fowl words, because James, Bosh, and Wade took fate into their own hands. These young Black males played the game the owners have been playing for years…These young Black males turned the tables and are now feeling the HEAT. (pun intended)

It is no-longer a black- white issue; it is a class issue, a class struggle.

When the NBA hires Black owners, Black partners, Black general mangers, and Black assistant managers then the playing field will be level.

At the current time in 2011 there are 30 basketball teams and only one Black owner. Come on now; when 85% of the players on the floor are Black, there is something wrong with this picture.

James, Wade, Bosh broke the mold and that is why they are getting all the player hating. The owners are in the backrooms saying DAMN we can no longer control these free agents. Owners can no longer control our high priced commodities, their commerce, and their product. These human animals have left the cage and we cannot get them back. With the help of ESPN, Comcast Sports, and Fox Sport Net the propaganda machine went into full gear. The American public bought it hook, line, and sinker. The Miami Heat became the number one most disliked team in the country with the assistance of the sports networks.

The Owners can no longer direct free agents where to go, can no longer order them to play for the lowly Los Ang. Clippers, the New Jersey Nets, or the Milwaukee Bucks. The three amigos move to South Beach ruined their well planned game.

That is the bottom line. That is why most of Middle America is enraged and don’t want the Miami Heat to win this year’s NBA Championship. James, Bosh, and Wade have spoiled their fun with a new super team created by basketball’s elite.

So the Gray Leopard Cove salutes the men in Red, Black, and White uniforms. They are going where no other player has gone before and changing the professional basketball landscape forever. They may not win the championship this year but it won’t be long before another championship banner will be hanging from the Miami Arena rafters.


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