Mavs Win First Ever NBA Championship

By Jerald L. Hoover
Updated: June 15, 2011

NEW YORK—The Dallas Mavericks may just supplant their good neighbor Cowboys as ‘Americas Team’ with the beating of the much ballyhooed Miami Heat for the NBA Championship. Americans and people in general love rooting for the underdog so with the Heat being the favorite there was no surprise that the Mavs had the heart of America. But with the “Decision” as is the current legacy of LeBron James still fresh in the hearts and minds of the masses the dislike of the Heat is palpable.

The Heat have their fans but it seems as though for every fan of the team from South Beach there two others from somewhere else that almost despises them. There’s little doubt that the Heat with The Big Three will eventually win an NBA Championship, but most people lamented them winning it this present year.

Basketball purest and those that are not so pure pulled for the Mavericks as if it was their favorite hometown team. Admittedly so, in most major sports when it’s the Finals there’s always a rooting interest, but the decimal point for Heat vs Mavericks reached a scorching temperature. Folk wanted the Goliath to get stoned right between the eyes.

Did they bring it upon themselves? To a man, they have all but admitted it. In the aftermath or after-glow of the Decision and pep rally at the America Airlines Arena that followed the signing, NBA teams were gearing up for Game Sevens throughout the season.

All through the season the Heat lambasted inferior competition, but against teams with winning records they struggled mightily. That goes to show a few things; NBA scouting isn’t a joke, teams weren’t amused, intimidated nor impressed with the roster and how it was all brought together and lastly, NBA players themselves have a great deal of pride.

Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzky already a first ballot Hall-of-famer just secured himself into all-time great status. No, he’s not in the Top 10 discussion yet, but one thing is certain, if the NBA were to ever redo their NBA Top 50 of all-time list or decides to expand the list from what’s already on there, Dirk would certainly join it and it would be a well deserved honor. After 13 years of Playoff failure and flops even, the Mavericks are the NBA’s crown jewel.

Jerald L. Hoover

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