Jhonson bores his way to victory

By Tom Donelson, BASN boxing writer
Updated: June 3, 2011

IOWA CITY,IOWA–Yudel Jhonson was the headline fighter as he faced Jose Miquel Torres in a junior Middleweight and hope was that he would impress enough to start on the march to stardom. Jhonson was one of those Cuban fighters, who escaped their homeland for the opportunity to fight professionally and get to keep their fruit of their labor.

The first bout featuring Tyrese Hendricks challenged Walter Estrada and the first round was a feeling out process that lasted 2 minutes 55 seconds before Estrada landed a body shots to end the round for the only significant blow of the bout.

Over the next two rounds, Estrada pushed Hendricks and even though he was the underdog; he controlled the bout. At the end of the fourth round, Hendricks started to unleash some punches to gain some momentum and the best combination in the fifth round was a right jab followed by a straight left by Hendricks that rocked Estrada.

As the fight continued, there was little to separate the two but Estrada seemed to hold the upper hand by a slight margin in a fight devoid of much action with Hendricks not taking advantage of his skills. In the last round, Hendricks did not look like a guy who needed a big round and seemed satisfied to box but not press the action.

Estrada won the decision in a fight that was determined more by his efforts to press the action than by anything spectacular. Hendricks had a chance to shine but he didn’t pressure Estrada and allowed Estrada to dictate the pace.

Jhonson boxed and fought patiently as Torres moved forward with his hands up high; playing defense while hoping to loop the right in between Jhonson’s guard. The first round set the pace of the fight as Jhonson boxed and Torres occasionally chased.

The second round showed a cautious Jhonson boxing but Torres continued to play defense while occasionally throwing a right hand. It became apparent early that this was Jhonson fight to win and it was question on whether Jhonson would be satisfied to fight rounds or end it early.

Torres moved closer to Jhonson in the third round and Jhonson simply played matador as he stepped aside from Torres attack. Jhonson connected on some solid shots in the last minute of the fourth round which included a solid body shots. As the fight entered the second half of the fight; Jhonson merely looked contented to box and didn’t show a killer instinct. Torres hardly looked worse for wear as he simply blocked many shots.

In a round that he was losing easily, Torres got a point deduction for a low blow in the sixth round and the seventh round, Jhonson continued to win in a fight that put most of the fans asleep.

Going into the final round, Jhonson continued to bore his way to victory and even gave his opponent a shot at an even round as he got a point deduction for some rough play. Jhonson threw a few punches as he picked up the action as he decided to make a impression in a fight that he merely treated as a sparring session. Jhonson won an easy decision but he simply fought a boring fight and gave boxing fans little reason to pay big bucks to see him. Jhonson had a chance to shine and he didn’t.