By Eric D.Graham
Updated: June 20, 2011

1. What advice do you have for Fathers on Father’s Day?

American children suffer too much mother and too little Father.

2. What do you think about Tiki Barber?

He is too smart to be so dumb.

3. What was the most disturbing think you saw during the NBA Finals?

The most disturbing thing I saw during the NBA Finals was seeing rapper Rick Ross shirtless on South Beach.

4. Why are you so angry?

I am so upset because I am staying at my grandmother’s house and she has no air conditioner. Plus, her window fan from Walmart only has two speeds. Hot and Hoter.

5. Did you go to Vacation Bible School?

No. I was afraid Bishop Eddie Long was going to be there.

6. Do you think Dirk Nowitzki was really sick during the NBA Finals?

Yes. Dirk’s game four performance was sick….

7. What is the most violence sport in America?

Bullfighting…..without a doubt.

8. What do you want to tell Lebron James?

Don’t be so humble, you’re not that great.

9. Did you see the last espiode of Basketball Wives?

No, I was in my bathroom, sitting on toilet, reading some of my uncle’s old jet magazines.

10. What are you going to do this summer to get money?

I going to work at a Tattoo shop in Columbus, Ohio.

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