By Eric D.Graham
Updated: June 9, 2011

1. Why is the Miami Heat Chris Posh always yelling and screaming?

He must think he is Kevin Garnett, but he is not.

2. Should Major League Baseball sell beer at the ballpark?

I am too drunk to answer that question.

3. Are you watching the NCAA College Baseball World Series?

Why would I watch the College World Series, when I don’t even watch the MLB World Series?

4. Do you think cellphones cause brain damage?

Yes. Haven’t you seen Paris Hilton?

5. Who is your favorite bench player?

Eddie House, he has become the new M.L.Carr

6. Is Jason Kidd one of the top five point guards in NBA history?

Yes, Jason Kidd is one of the top point guards ever to play the game. But I think, he should change is name too Jason Old.

7. Did you think the world was coming to an end?

Yes. Especially, when I saw the Miami Heat blow a 15 point lead in the 4th quarter and lose to the Dallas Mavericks in game two of the NBA Finals.

8. What will the Michigan Wolverines fans be chanting this year when they play Ohio State?

Terrelle Pryor.Liar, Liar, vest on Fire.

9. Do you still watch the NFL Network?

No. I don’t watch the NFL Network anymore. Because with the NFL lockout, that channel is more irrelvant than MTV.

10. If the NFL lockout ends tomorrow, who will be “BOO-ED” more Tiki Barber or Donovan McNabb?

Tiki Barber…Booooooooooo f you have any questions for Bobbee Bee, send them to