Growing Up Can Be Very Hard

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 17, 2011

OAKLAND,CA—The 2011 National Basketball Association Finals are over and they are partying in Dallas and Cleveland. The Dallas celebration is understandable; the Cleveland celebration can be questioned.



One thing we do know, the Miami Heat will win the NBA championship before the Cleveland Cavaliers. They may even win it before Cleveland make the playoffs.



This outstanding defensive series in the NBA Finals happen to be not what the Dallas Mavericks did but what the Miami Heat DID NOT DO.


The Heat should have won this series in 4 or 5 games. They had a 17 point lead in two different games and lost the lead. It was not LeBron James fault that the coaching staff did not call time outs as the lead slipped away. It was not D-Wade’s fault that the Heat had fouls to give and never used any of them in either game. It was not Bosh’s fault that they could not get the ball inbound with time running down. What we all witnessed the past two weeks was the complete failure of the Miami Heat coaching staff.



It was the Heat Head Coach Erick Spoelstra and his staff who did not perform their assigned duties. Mind you there were three other rookie coaches that made it to the playoffs this year. This is the first time this has happened in the league.



What the Dallas Mavericks did in this series was expose LeBron James’ weaknesses on the court.



It looks like Mr. James might have to grow up and respect the game which is not present at this time. Presently LeBron is very immature with this pass years antics. This is the same phenomenon Kobe Bryant went through ten years ago and James seems to be going through the same mental battle in 2011.



During the last press conference at the end of the Dallas Mavericks victory there was one of anger and frustration on James part. He made inappropriate and immature statements that should not have been spoken. Portraying himself as a self centered and selfish man. As we mature we begin to use wise judgment and hesitate to make quick statements. James still has to master this art. No Comment is used often.


The American media corp capitalizes on the negative or what could be construed as negative statements and makes them into an issue that are not relating to the real issue at hand. This is what sports journalism has become.



LeBron James received a pass when he played at home in Cleveland. The Cavs had innovative defensive Head Coach Mike Brown. Brown was hired by the Los Angeles Lakers a few months ago. Coach Brown covered up many of LeBron James weakness by installing the pick and roll and screen plays for the Cavalier offense.



These plays allowed James get a head of steam before going to the basket. The Miami coaching staff never grasped this concept until the last game of the series. TOO LATE.



It boggles the mind to witness how the Heat played defense against Chicago. This defense was not implemented against the Dallas Mavericks. Double teaming Dirk Nowitzki, putting LeBron on Dirk, never implemented, implies the complete failure of the Heat coaching staff.



Here are some suggestions LeBron James could do to improve his game.

1) Learn how to play well with your back to the basket, pushing the defender closer to the basket.



2) Acquire the skills to move right as well as move left.


COME ON NOW. LeBron you have been in the league eight years this should be a natural move.


3) Keep your head up when driving to the basket, so that if there is a cutter or open man you can see and pass to that open player.


4) One of the most important moves that number six has to learn if he truly wants to improve his game is spinning out of a defensive trap. Magic, Bird, and Kobe all had this move.



This is the one move which most players learn in college and transcend into the professional level. This move is one that high school players find difficult to execute or practice and is the weakest part of their game. Once this happens their games improve 50 per cent.



This is a good reason why some basketball stars should stay in school until they learn the basic fundamentals of this wonderful game.



5) Lord Have Mercy, free throws don’t get me started, the last game of the series the Heat missed 23 free throws and the lost the game by 18. Free throws are an integral vital part of the game that has been in total decline. They are part of the game that could give any team victory without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately the modern player will not take the time to practice this skill.


If a player respects the game he/she will want to improve his/her game like Jason Kidd, Magic Johnson, or Kobe Bryant. If the players will not, he/she won’t be wearing a basketball uniform long. That will be number six’s biggest challenge next year.



LeBron James currently is one of the greatest basketball players on the planet but he has a big head with a huge ego to match. His entourage fills him with sweet nothings instead of telling him the truth. Man, you really stink today on the floor…



Apparently rookie coaches are also afraid of their superstars and will not set them on the bench nor scold them. Former Head Coach Mike Brown never had a problem with this issue and challenged LaBron to be a better player. That is not being done in Miami.



There were a few incidents this past year in Miami when it seemed like the inmates were running the asylum. Miami could have won if Coach Brown had taken the Heat helm.



Eric Spoelstra and his coaching staff got a free pass from the press and a free pass from the four letter word network.These gentlemen did not have imagination. Heat fans should point their collective fingers at the coaching staff of Miami for those loses. Having a 17 pt leads in two separate games and losing both of them is unthinkable. The Heat managed to do it twice.






Again it’s not what the Dallas Mavericks did it was what the Miami Heat DID NOT DO !!!.



It is also time for certain players and coaches to grow up and take responsibilities for their actions.


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