Bul Gol Ki Power Part Two

By Gary Norris Gray BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 30, 2011

Na Li

Na Li

OAKLAND, CA–The ladies in red and gold are following in the footsteps of the Chinese tennis legend Fang Li who went to the 3rd round in the Australian Open and the 2nd round of the the U.S. Open. Li has won 2 WTA titles and 8 ITF titles. She is the mother of the current Mainland Chinese surge in tennis in Beijing.

Last month the new golden star Na Li from The Peoples Republic of China (Mainland China) won the French Open. Li is the first Asian female to win a Major.

The Chinese female tennis team is taking a page from the Korean National Golfers and storming the tennis courts all over the world. They have taken the same mental attitude in the approach to tennis and adapting it from their Korean golfing sisters. The results are slowly beginning to surface and we will witness the flood of Chinese tournament winners in the next ten years.

In 1981 another Chinese rising tennis star went on a world tour. Hu Na was a young up and coming tennis player. Na hurt the Chinese tennis program with her defection to the United States. The program ceased to exist from 1982-1988 for fear of further defections to the west.

Hu Na

Hu Na

The 18 years old Hu Na had a lot to learn about the game of tennis, the game of life, and the game of politics. She came to America to play in a tournament and within a week defected from her homeland creating an international incident at the height of the cold war between the east and west. Na would play only in the United States until she was granted political asylum by President Ronald Reagan. Living in San Diego, California, Hu Na could not play any international tournaments for the fear of being kidnapped back to China. So she did not get enough practice resulting in her game suffering.

Hu Na was a hero to many Chinese-Americans but an enemy to Chinese Nationals. She was a sell out because Na got a taste of the western world and loved it.

Hu Na never played up to her potential and finally left the United States for Taiwan. She created her own tennis schools teaching the game to the upstart Taipei, Taiwan National Tennis Team. Na is still not in favor with many Mainland Chinese citizens.

In the meantime The Chinese tennis team has gotten stronger and wiser. The government is not worried about their bright new tennis stars leaving for the Western democracies. The Government fully support their athletes like Na Li, the first Chinese player to reach the top 30 the first to reach grand slam quarters and finally the first to win a major. Jie Zheng, is number two behind Li, the two are the first from China to reach the top four of a Grand Slam at the same time in the Australian Open in 2010. Zheng broke the top ten this year.

Venus Williams knows how tough Na Li can be as she was her opponent last week in London at Wimbledon. Williams won in three sets with 8-6 final. Zhang Shuai, ranked 99 in the world and played in Wimbledon this year, Han Xinyan moved into the top 150 players in the world. Shuai Peng also played this week at Wimbledon losing to Maria Sharapova, in the fourth round in three sets; Peng has won a gold metal in the Asian Games in 2010. This will be the first time in history that three Chinese Nationals competed at Wimbledon.

Li Ting is one of China‘s greatest doubles player in their short history. She teams up with Sun Tiantian to win the 2004 Olympic Gold Metal. Chen Yanchong was the 14th best player in China in 2000-2007. Jingjing Lu is just starting her career with 7 singles tournaments. Wanting Liu the youngest of the bunch at 22 years old has a powerful serve so she will be noticed in the coming years, Nannan Liu, Shengnan Sun, and Yan Zi, round out the field. Yes, the Chinese Nationals are coming and the world better get ready.

Lastly Chinese American Meilen Tu is a very young 19 years old, who won one WTA singles and four ITA doubles championships. She also has a bright future on the professional tour if she keeps up with her training procedures.


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